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Cover to Cover #217: J. C. Hutchins

Show Notes 7th Son, by J. C. Hutchins. On the show this week the guys interview J. C. Hutchins, author of 7th Son. This podiobook tells the story of clones - unaware of being clones - all coming together to aide in the capture of the original genetic code donor. Talk about a twisted story […]

Cover to Cover #115: Michael A. Stackpole / Robert E. Farrell / Janeen O'Kerry

Michael Stackpole Live from LepreCon 30, Michael talks with Phoenix's own game designer and author Michael Stackpole. His last book was The Grand Crusade, the end of The DragonCrown War series. Mike and Mike have a great coversation about the nature of fantasy, book writing... and cons! Robert E. Farrell Robert was at Leprecon 30 […]

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Reading Diary #16: WebGenii's Reads

Wild Children

This is WebGenii, with an installment from my Reading Diary. So, what have I been reading lately?   [Read more...]

Reading Diary #15: WebGenii's Reads


This is WebGenii, with an installment from my Reading Diary. So, what have I been reading lately?   [Read more...]

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Dragon Page Blog

World Book Day 2012: Philippa Ballantine

Hunter and Fox

The books that inspired me as a teenager and still do to this day are the Chronicles of Morgaine by CJ Cherryh. Morgaine is a strong female character, that is incredibly forceful and determined. She felt more like Wuthering Heights Heathcliff—which was very unique to me since she is female. Her bondsman is Nhi Vanye who travels […]

World Book Day 2012: Brandy Grandberg

Several years ago I stumbled upon a book called Outlander written by Diana Gabaldon.  After receiving it in the mail, I gave the cover a quick glance over, and threw it aside.  I had no idea the tiny bit of treasure I had held in my hands.  After reading the first book, I was fully […]

World Book Day 2012: J. R. Blackwell

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud changed the way I think about storytelling. Addressing story structure, character and the development of an artist, McCloud challenged the way I think about creating a story and how to approach the mediums I work within. His style is easy to follow, using words and pictures to convey complex ideas […]

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