Cover to Cover #51: Tee Interviews Arisia

Michael is Flying solo.
Not to fear though, Tee Morris is on to share his interviews from Arisia 2003. Listen in as Tee talks.

    Segment 1:

    Tee interviews Walter Hunt. Author of The Dark Wing and The Dark Path. Interesting interview, and great books.

    Segment 2:

    Tee finishes with Walter, and dives straight into an interview with Will McDermott. Author of Judgment from The Magic the Gathering book series. This is another author from our favorite publisher "Wizard's of the Coast." Don't miss this one.

    Segment 3:

    Cont. with Will McDermott

    Segment 4:

    Since Michael is all alone. He continues with more interviews from Tee Morris. Tee moves on to Wen Spencer. A fun and lively guest to say the least. Wen is the author of Alien Taste, Tainted Trail, and Bitter Waters. Three great books from ROC. She has won a ton of awards and praise for her work. Be sure to listen for advice to new authors here.

    Segment 5:

    End with Wen Spencer.

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Mitchell Graham

Mitchell Graham was born in New York City in 1950. He attended college at Ohio State University on a fencing scholarship and went on to earn a law degree from the University of Texas. After practicing law for twenty years he went back to school and received a doctorate in Neuropsychology from the University of Miami. He has represented the United States many times in international fencing competitions. Along the way Mitchell won or placed in the finals of over 83 separate fencing competitions.

"The Fifth Ring" is his first novel. It was submitted to the prestigious Delmont-Ross Literary Contest and was awarded the gold medal in fantasy and the overall grand prize. He presently lives in Miami, Florida with his fianc?   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #50: Mitchell Graham

Mitchell Graham.
Mitch joins us to talk about his book, The Fifth Ring, recently released by Harper Collins. It's the first book in a trilogy and regardless of what you might think from the title, it hasn't a thing to do with any of Tolkiens works.

The Fifth Ring is Mitch's first work as a novelist, bringing in many aspects of his past as a collegiate fencer, attorney and neuropsychologist. Now that sounds like an interesting back ground that would make anyone a fantasy author! The book won the prestigious Delmont-Ross Literary Prize.

For more information on The Fifth Ring, we encourage you to see the trailer. Yes, the trailer. Mitch has teamed up with some wonderful animators and graphic designers to create a Flash-enabled trailer which is available from his website, Enjoy!

Save Farscape!
Tee Morris, author of Morevi and quickly becoming a Dragon Page regular, campaigns for your support in saving what is arguably the best original science fiction show on television today-- Farscape. Tee visited Arisia 2002 and brought back many sound clips of other folks doing their part to save the show.

The News

  • Sound bites coming out about LotR:Return of the King. Can't wait!
  • Pope chimes in on Harry Potter. Thinks it's a good thing...
  • Abracadabra! Your money is gone...
  • Daredevil - Evo gives a few comments (not as bad as we had anticipated)
  • Casting started for the latest Superman flick

Feed the Dragon!
It's our new feature, where we pick someone out of current events that's causing us grief or just generally pissing us off. Tune in to find out who it was this week!
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Michael Moorcock

Born in London in 1939, Michael Moorcock has had an important influence in fantasy and science fiction since the '60's. He started out at the age of fifteen as editor of the Tarzan Adventures magazine, eventually being thrown off the magazine for trying to publish too much prose (it was supposed to be a comic strip magazine). After this he began selling stories to the Science Fiction and Fantasy magazines of the time, coming up with the Eternal Champion; a figure which has appeared throughout most of his fiction.

When Moorcock was offered editorship of New Worlds he was already a successful writer with the Elric character, his most famous creation, under his belt. He took New Worlds, a traditional SF magazine filled with space ships and sword fights, and turned it into a vehicle for the '60's alternative culture as well as pathing the way for modern contemporary fiction. Publishing authors such as JG Ballard and Brian Aldiss who went on to further mainstream success.

During the New Worlds period he created one of his most interesting and enigmatic characters, Jerry Cornelius. He became a modern myth figure, mirroring the culture that produced him, a messiah for the technological age. The New Worlds authors at the time, including Aldiss, M. John Harrison, Norman Spinrad & others, wrote a series of stories based on this character which were released in the anthology The Nature of the Catastrophe. Moorcock then used characters from these stories when he went on to create the other Jerry Cornelius novels, but taking the character to even greater heights, along with the great supporting cast.

This lead to a period during the 1980's where Moorcock concentrated on more literary works and less on the more fantastic novels. That is not to say that he ignored fantasy altogether, with brilliant works such as The War Hound and the World's Pain. He wrote The Brothel in Rosenstrasse, a novel of erotomania, and then plunged into the Between the Wars sequence of novels, a series set in the earlier parts of this century looking at the events that lead to the Holocaust, following the adventures of an unreliable and untrustworthy Russian emigrate who stumbles from situation to situation in an increasingly disturbing world.

Recently whilst creating the final volume of the Between the Wars sequence, Moorcock has returned to writing more fantastic works, including two new Elric volumes and the brilliant Second Ether trilogy, which combines both a fantastic literary vision and a firm grasp of Chaos Theory.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #49: Michael Moorcock

Skrayling Tree

Michael is talking with us about his latest book, The Skrayling Tree. If you've followed Elric over the years, you might find him in an odd place, dealing with Nazi's and Native Americans! Yes, Stormbringer is still around, so old hats won't be disappointed. New readers will enjoy this book (the second in a series of three) as well.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #48: One Year Anniversary

It's our one year anniversary!

Join Michael and Evo as they recap the year. A nice little "time warp" with the highlights (and the lowlights!) of the last 365 days, catching up with past guests and reliving a few moments.   [Read more...]