Blogging Dragon*Con

Warren Ellis is blogging Dragon*Con, also going on right now. Reporting odd things, like:

Last night, David Carradine pulled a passable impression of someone so drunk that they could not talk. He's also got the sullen, dead-eyed "Yeah, I'm David Carradine, so the fuck what" look down pat. His buddy's there in the elevator saying, "Dave, you all right, man?", and Carradine is just gripping the hand rail, lurched over to one side and mute.

Klingons are not on Atkins. And neither are Stormtroopers.

There are an alarming amount of very thin young girls wearing elf ears.

Star Trek actors wander around, searching people's faces to see if they're
being recognised -- and then put on their Famous Face and strut by without

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