Farscape miniseries rumors

Lee Whiteside runs SFTV.org, a site that carries the latest SFF tv schedules. Networks are notorious for swapping around shows, making hard to keep track of where you can find that show you're looking for.

He told us a few "rumors" about the upcoming Farscape miniseries on Skiffy. While many of us hard core skeptics wouldn't be surprised if Skiffy canceled the miniseries before it even got started. But Lee says that Skiffy doesn't have a bunch of money tied up in this. Seems that the Henson crew got some European backers to front the cash, with little or no control given to the folks at Skiffy. In effect, they are simply bying a pre-produced mini-series.

We'll see. Doubtful when it's cheaper to put together StarGate version 3.0. And hey, I like Stargate...

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