KFYI #49: Halloween pre-party

Yes, I know we're going to a two hour show on Oct 31st and you might think that's the best time to do a Halloween show. Well don't fret, we'll still talk about Halloween then, too! But it's a little late to give you any kick-ass ideas for costumes and pranks, doncha think?

On this show, it's fill in the blank time: "I remember the one Halloween when I _______!" Tell us your best prank, strangest costume or all-time greatest memories. There are those last minute folks who rely on us for ideas; we invite you all to share!


  1. Deb4FlatTires says

    At Halloween, I poured industrial strength rubbe glue on my god mother's door mat. Then I rang the door bell and ran. She stepped out of the house to see who was at the door and planted her Keds sneakers on the mat. She went back inside only to discover that she was only wearing socks. She stepped back outside only to have the mat claim her bobbie socks also. It was awesome!!! However, I found my car sitting on itms the next morning. lolol

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