KFYI #51: Military SF/F

Come get some...
Elves vs. orcs. Interstellar battlegrounds. Invasions, genocide and planet-killers. When authors, game designers, directors or producers tell a story through the eyes of a command structure, we're dealing in the realm of Military SF (and F).

On this weeks show, we'll focus on the wide flavors of military-focused science fiction and fantasy. We'll be joined by L.E. Modesitt, Jr., a master of the field. We'll cover the gambit of the sub-genre, from books and movies to video and RPG games. Lock and load...

Picture courtesy of Robert Bowen, and artist and author living in the UK.)

Reading List

  • The Parafaith War - Military Science Fiction
  • Legacies (The Corean Chronicles, Book 1) - Military Fantasy