The grand experiment...

Starting tomorrow, I -- with a LOT of help from The Dragon Page -- will begin podcasting MOREVI, kicking off a serialized audio version of Rafe and Askana's first adventure together. This podcast is an idea Michael, Evo and I cooked up when our publisher, Gwen Gades, asked me to come up with a neat idea for promoting Legacy of MOREVI, premiering at Westercon 58 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Well...this is it! Mike and Evo are seriously jazzed about this podcast. Me? *gulp!* I've not been this terrified since...well, MOREVI's launch! I've never done anything like this before, so I am in my own version of the Uncharted Territories...but up for the challenge!

Unabridged versions of MOREVI are available at bookstores everywhere and online at, Barnes &,,, and directly from Dragon Moon Press. Legacy of MOREVI is available for pre-order by clicking here.

Stay tuned every Friday for upcoming updates on chapters currently podcasting via The Dragon Page...and any thoughts/feedback you have on this?my first podcast/audio book?are welcome!

Update: If you're not already subscribed to The Dragon Page Podcast, subscribe now! (And if you still are lost on the whole idea of podcasting, you might wanna read this.)