Star Wars III fanfic?

I don't know if I should call this a parody or fanfic. Either way, it had me literally crying on the floor. Funny, funny stuff. Now I don't need to see The Lucas version!

My favorite line from Yoda to Obi Wan after Anakin has turned into Darth:

Warned you we tried. Listen you did not. Now screwed we all will be.

Instant classic!


  1. Not only was this the funniest Star Wars parody I have seen, the quality was stunning. These guys deserve high praise for what they have done. Fantastic job boys, hope the law suit with Lucas Arts goes well for you. We'll be rootin' for ya!

  2. Tee Morris says:

    On the heels of an interview with George Lucas that I intend to rant about here (very soon), this is HYSTERCIAL!!!

    Favorite line: Why am I the only black Jedi here?!

    What's really funny...the guy playing Anakin in this is WAY BETTER than Hayden Christiansen.

    The sad thing is that fandom is making it pretty clear they know this one's gonna suck on account of the other films sucking "the biggest one in four counties" (God Bless that Wil Power!)...and yet, Lucas is going to have a hit. He will still think he is "the man" when the millions come rolling in because of the absolute dinks who are lining up to see this debaucle.

    Someone else will have to review the real "Eppy 3" for the Dragon Page. I ain't going. I've been hoodwinked twice. Not going to get hosed again and have Lucas laugh at me.

  3. There was a quote somewhere about "the best thing about Ep. III? Hayden gets kicked into lava" - I have to agree.

    I love Ep 4-6, Ep 1 was kind of okay but Ep 2 plus Hayden - yuck.

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