It Ain't Easy Being Green

Hey, everyone...

I would have called in with some of this, but the Internet stream was down for last week's Live Fire...and thanks to podcasting, I'm catching up! (Gotta love that podcast... and if you're not already subscribed to The Dragon Page Podcast, what's the deal?! C'mon...iTunes is available for both Mac and Windows, and you don't even need an iPod to take advantage of this! Who knows? You might even get a free audio book out of the Dragon Page's podcast, but I digress...)

But I'm catching up with the "How big of a fan" LF show, and I heard a lot of speculation about The Green Chick from Star Trek: TOS.

Well, here's the low-down skinny I know...

1. The first appearance of The Green Chick was in the 2-hour pilot called "The Menagerie" which aired later as a two-part episode called "The Cage" (or I might have the titles switched, so..SUMMER, HELP!)

2. The Green Chick that Kirk locked lips with (and almost bagged and tagged) was played by Yvonne Craig, better known as Batgirl in the Adam West/Burt Ward 60's BATMAN. Sadly, "Marta" (the green chick's name in this episode...) dies a fiery death in this episode. Poor Batgirl.

3. The Green Chick was an Orion Slave Girl, according to the ST BIBLE.

So, there it is! Everything you wanted to know about "that Green Chick" from Star Trek!


  1. Sorry, Tee... I'm not a big Trek fan. Never watched the original series, watched TNG because there was almost nothing else scifi on TV at the time, thought DS9 was a ripoff of B5, and didn't last past 5 or 6 episodes of Voyager.

    The only trivia slightly related to this that I can offer is that Julie Newmar, Catwoman from the original Batman series, was also in the movie musical "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" starring Howard Keel.... she was the tallest one.

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