KFYI #66: Save Enterprise!

It's all about SAVING ENTERPRISE! No, we're not gonna take it! UPN has said it's over...

Over? Did you say OVER? Nothing is over until we say it is! Was it over when the... Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no... And it ain't over now!

Sorry. I'm better. But seriously, don't let Enterprise kill this show. We need your help. It won't take long. And listen to the show more more motivation!


  1. Hi.it is hard to understand why Enterprise would be cancelled after four seasons.When in my opinion the show has grown from strenth to strenth,good acting,good story lines.I go out of my way to see each program.From what I have seenthis particular series would be good for at least an eight season run and I hope the powers that be have a change of heart.Just one other thing with some of the original cast members of Star trek passing away ,I hope someone has the forsight to write a story line that would bring all the remaining (STAR TREK,VOUYAGER,DEEP SPACE NINE,NEXT GENERATION,ENTERPRISE)main cast members together for the mother of all battles to save the earth and the Federation.It would be historic film or TV.I am 47 and have watched Star Trek most of my life.After the first series I did not think it would be possible to carry on with different actors.But it was and as Star Trek evolves I see no reason why it cannot go on forever.Dingus NZ