SciFi to pick up Enterprise?

Getting some rumbles from about a possible move. Your input is required

Stop EVERYTHING you are doing right now and sit and write letters to the Sci- Fi channel and let them know that you want to see Enterprise on their network..

This is VERY VERY urgent.. I cannot go into detail.. but please do it NOW.. as many friends and family members as you can pull together..

Spread the word.. this is a red alert situation.....

Sci-Fi Channel
1230 Avenue Of The Americas
NY, NY 10020

Thanks Bill for the link!


  1. Kelly Brown says:

    I've already written my letter.

    Just as important: The Germans did not attack Pearl Harbour. It was the Japanese. It's an important distinction if you're German, Japanese, American ... ; Hell, it's important to the get the facts right no matter who you are.

  2. Now don't tell me that Enterprise fans ONLY watch ST movies. Surely my Animal House reference wasn't lost on the lot of you.

    John Belushi is rolling over in his grave right now...

  3. Kelly Brown says:

    Missed that one. Sorry. I haven't seen AH for a long while and I've devoted so much head space to memorizing Python skits that there's none left over for Lampoon's fodder. It's all been reduced to a few choice quotes, the Horse in the Dean's office and Bluto doing the egg/zit trick.

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