"The Hedge Knight" goes into second printing

The boys at DBPro have done an amazing job with their graphic novel adaptation of George R. R. Martin's The Hedge Knight. In a recent press release:

In the world of comics, even death can rarely hold back a hero.

Such is the case of Dabel Brothers Production's adaptation of The Hedge Knight, which, despite already selling an amazing 20,000 copies in its first edition, will be going into a second printing this spring to meet the amazing demand from readers all over the world.

"We're blown away by the fact that The Hedge Knight has gained such a huge following over the last year," said Les Dabel, Vice President and New Business Director of Dabel Brothers Production (DB Pro). "On Amazon.com, it's been ranked in the top 100 overall recently, in the top 20 for comic books and the top 10 for graphic novels, among books like The Complete Far Side, Sin City and Watchmen, all of which are powerhouses in the world of comic book trade paperbacks."

We're not surprised. We've seen the amazing quality of work DBPro puts out, staying true to the story while adding in the graphical element which really brings the words to life.