Let's call them podiobooks

So that I can get this down into the historical record that is the internet, I'm hereby coining the term "podiobooks" to describe books delivered in serialized audio format via XML fees and the tag.

Now let's talk about the timeline:

Tee Morris was the first author I'm aware of to release his novel MOREVI in podiobook format. There had been other sites releasing portions of books and short stories in podcast format, but to my knowledge, all of those were public domain stories. But hey, I could be wrong. If I'm not, Tee gets the nod as being the first author to take advantage of this delivery format.

Mark Jeffrey quickly followed Tee, podleasing his novel THE POCKET AND THE PENDANT in podiobook format as quickly as we could find a way to make it happen.

Hats off to Scott Sigler for his podiobook EARTHCORE, who stepped the format up a notch by only releasing his book in podiobook format. The books written by Tee and Mark are available in print form, but the only way (for now) you can get Scott's is in podiobook format.

OK. Think that stake is planted pretty firmly in the ground.


  1. So, you're officially making a word up? Cool.

    I guess "podbook" would have run into the same problem as explaining "podcast", whereas the play on words between "podio" and "audio" make the necessary link in the newbie's mind, to where they can kinda figure out what you're talking about on their own, with only a minor shove needed to get them to figure out what the "pod" part means.

    Or something like that.

  2. "Podiobook" is sheer genius. Let's be honest here -- everyone knows the term "audiobook," and adding Pod to it encapsulates audiobook delivery in serial format. Evo could be the king of the Podiobook industry ...

  3. I hereby second the 'podiobook' nomination. I really like the term, great one Evo. Once I said it aloud I got it instantly, however it took me a second just 'reading' it -- I was like, huh? poliobook? poddiojdkh? something visually threw me for a moment -- on the other hand, maybe i'm just dyslexic or something 🙂

    Anyway, I *do* ultimately think it's got legs, I'm using it now on my blog for the book, let the meme spread!

  4. podiobook...

    ... well, I'm currently subscribed to all three of them and enjoying them immensely, so you're certainly doing *something* right. Another vote in the 'podiobook' camp from me. 🙂

  5. Tee Morris says:

    Podiobook! Hmmm...the pod-sibilities are endless! ;^)

    Tell me you're going to post this on the podcasters list, Evo!