Yoda Diet Pepsi ad

Our resident stormtrooper, TD0013, brings us this little tidbit about Yoda selling out to Pepsico and has this to say:

This is *exactly* the kind of stuff I'm talkin' about! [pfft!]

In yet *another* example of just how corrupt the Jedi are, Yoda displays an absolute misuse of power, and *steals* from a totally innocent man!! [pfft!]

Tell me I'm wrong about this. [pfft!]

I dare you. [pfft!]


  1. das jus' funny.

    now if they'd stuck a "these are not the fries you are looking for" in there...

  2. Tee Morris says


    Damn you...

    Damn you and your different Point of View...

    I saw the commercial last night for the first time and thought to myself "He's right!"

    Your commentaries are part of some kind of recruitment tactic, aren't they?!

    If yes...they're working! *LOL*

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