Review: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

You have heard my rants on the show?

You have read my rants on this blog?

...and yet, here I am to tell you about Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, the climactic end to George Lucas' dynasty.

Seriously, no one wanted to be the more wrong about Revenge of the Sith more than me. Contrary to popular belief, I am a raging fan of Star Wars (Note: I call it Star Wars and not A New Hope. Anyway, back to the review?) What got me back to seeing this film was the passionate testimony Matthew Stover gave on The Dragon Page over George's latest script, TD0013's thumbs up to what he saw at the Star Wars Celebration 3, and a challenge issued from Evo and Mike to give it a shot. So I sucked it up, wiped the slate clean, and gave Mighty George another go.

It's several hours later--and I'm still trying to figure out what I really think of this film.

Let me touch on what I liked. First, there is Lucas' unstoppable juggernaut: Industrial Light and Magic. They pull out all the stops for this film. The visuals of Revenge of the Sith are nothing short of amazing, and definitely this is the cutting edge of special effects. We are given a lot of seriously cool stuff to look at in this two-and-a-half-hour adventure ride, and even provided a sweet, nostalgic look at the inside of the blockade runner from the opening of the original Star Wars.

Another plus: Jar Jar is nowhere to be seen until the end, and he doesn't utter a word. Thank you, Uncle George.

Two performances that were severely lacking in the previous two prequels were kicked into high gear and a delight to watch. Both Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christiansen turn in performances that make you believe that Obi-Wan and Annakin are really buds as well as master and padawan. There is (finally) a sincere chemistry between the characters and I found myself wanting a lot more time with the two of them on the screen. In Filed Under: Movie Reviews Tagged With:


  1. Jim Perry says

    How you can say there is no chemistry is beyond me. It's like seeing a blue sky, then hearing you say there is no sky.

    There are a lot of reasons it takes twenty years before the Death Star destroys Alderaan. The first attempt at building it could be unsuccessful. Could be the first weapons test blew it up. It is the size of a small moon, after all. Didn't it take a few years to build the Empire State Building? The World Trade Center? The Sears Tower? How much bigger is the Death Star than those?

    The Jedi who are killed before Yoda are preoccupied with their fight. They have no reason to suspect the clones. Besides, Mace Windu said their ability to use the Force was diminished. Yoda is not fighting. He is observing. He is calm and at peace. He has time to sense the deaths of all the others, and sense the malicious intent of the clones behind him.

    It is easy for small women to hide their pregnancies with baggy clothes for up to six months, for one. For two, the only people we see in the film who have contact with her are war-busy Jedi. Two Jedi. One of which is the father, the other of which is quite busy being General Kenobi, going around saving the galaxy and all that. We don't know anybody else who would have a reason to be worried about her pregnancy if they did notice. So then we have no reason to care about Padme at all until all Hell breaks loose.

    You have made it clear over time that you hate the prequels. For whatever reason, you cannot use your imagination to answer any of your questions. You struggle with Anakin as the Chosen One. Who chose him? "Finding him is the will of the Force," if I may quote a 'crappy' prequel. In RoTJ he kills the Emperor and is redeemed. How exactly do you miss this connection?

    Re: Midichlorians -- The Force is a part of life, and certain organic beings are stronger with the Force than others. Luke and Leia are born strong in the Force because of their Father. There is obviously a biological connection, which seems to me involves the blood. Is it entirely inconceivable that there are these microscopic organisms living in the cells?

    I'm sure the Jedi Council is more concerned with the details than little old Luke on Tatooine. So Anakin overhears the conversation and asks Qui-Gon about them. What's so wrong with that? Just becuase Obi-Wan didn't confuse the issue with Luke is not a case for decrying the whole concept.

    You insist on using sarcasm all the time
    ("Note: I said Star Wars, NOT A New Hope")
    ("Thanks for nothing, George")
    This is particularly offensive to someone who is typing this in a "Thank You, George!" T-shirt. Maybe this says more about me than about Tee.

    Crap, I'm a nerd....

    But I think I'm going with Matt Stover, TD0013, Mike and Evo, and the majority of fan popular opinion on this film.

  2. Don't listen to 'em, Tee. I'm with you.

  3. Well, Jim makes some very valid points, but so to does Tee.

    Don't get me started on "FrankenVader" or "Who in the Hell punched Tarken in the face for it to swell up that much??"

    There was indeed a lot of good in this film. Unfortunately, there was also a lot of bad.

    Oh well. Can't have light without dark, right?

  4. Tee Morris says

    Is it just me...or after all of TD0013's comments, do you hear a *phffft* sound?

    "That's right, kids. Lucas reduced the Boss' genesis to a Boris Karloff tribute!" *phffft*

    Hey now, there's a thought...airing TD0013's review of Episode III opposite my own. What do you think, guys?

  5. I haven't had the fortitude to sit through any of Episode 2, let alone 3 after being exposed to the Episode 1 Jar Jar fiasco/trajedy/trainwreck, which i couldnt finish.

    Honestly, I was a HUGE S W fan when the originals came out. I even still have the original soundtrack on 8track cassette.
    As far as the new films are concerned, I quote my seven year old nephew, "What's so big about Star Wars anyway? " Exactly.

  6. Overall I like the film, escpecially the Jedi getting whacked by all those new types of Stormtroopers (Note to GL and Hasbro, you guys better get on the ball and make the ultimage toy Stormtrooper collection with all the new troops so I can get a toy gunship to fill up). Sorry.

    Some things I noticed that were 'interesting'

    Political statements: Me, and my two sons and daughter don't care what GL thinks about the current state of political affairs (boring) keep it out of the film. Could have done that another way.

    Spielbergs segment? Yoda leaves the dissapointingly short Wookie fight ala 'ET' with Elliot sorry Chewie looking on getting veklempt.

    Vader getting off the table with new parts looking just like Frankenstein's monster (the Karloff) one
    I laughed at that. Hayden still sucked.

    R2: What did he get a downgrade or just lazy in his later years?? He is like molasses in winter in EP 4~6. He was great in this film though.

    There is more but it's been covered. Overall a 7.5 out of 10

  7. Tee, you were right - the only problem was you were too kind. I snickered and groaned at the mind-numbing dialogue, cringed at "Dooku" and "Grevious", wanted to throw stuff at the screen at the portrayal of poor little girl padme, and outright laughed at the NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    I can't point to a fight that excited me. And I kept thinking of TD-0013 every time someone's hand got sliced off. The desperate leaning on CGI (that's why R2 was so nimble...) in exhange for real people was inexcusable. Say what you like about the pretty things, they still can't make a believable CGI human that moves and reacts to basic physics like humans do. Yeah, they used the same technology in Spider-Man, but I didn't notice it. Maybe because I was distracted by the good plot.

    I didn't find it believable. I didn't enjoy it. And I'm honestly baffled at the people are saying it was good.

  8. So, this would mean that you actually saw it.

    Big fat liar. I bet you wear your socks inside out too.

  9. Tee Morris says


    Look on the bright side...we have a LOT to talk about for REQUIEM.

  10. Sharon Marchese says

    I was hunting for reviews after attending Ep3, and found this little piece of crap page. I thought the movie was powerful, and so did Ebert and Roper, with the latter calling it "heartbreaking."

    I guess they appreciate a good movie and love to tear a new one for a bad one more than anyone, so I'd say that people who know what they're TALKING ABOUT and have a reputation of CREDIBILITY to uphold carry a lot more weight than you cynical turds.

    Furthermore, if one of you dicks was really "snickering, groaning," and "laughing out loud," you're really a rude dipsh*t, and better watch youreself, because I know people who would punch a loser like you in the face if they had the chance.

    I recall years ago, going to a Star Trek flick and there were two prize-winning typical geeks behind me, talking about how "bad" everything was to each other all night. If I was a man, and felt I could've beaten them, I woulda told them to shut the hell up or else.

    Anyway, no big whoop. The movie rocked, and Kevin Smith says so, too. Adios, losers. I found your page by accident, and now I'm going to forget it. Bye 😛

  11. Tee Morris says

    But Sharon, you took the time to respond to our little piece of crap page. So thank you for your time, effort, and attention while in the midst of hunting for hard-to-find Episode III reviews.

    Enjoy the summer. :^)

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