tDP and SoSF half banners

Jeff over at Podcast Shuffle has listed our shows and was asking for a half-banner (234x60), a size I'm familiar with but not used to working with. I like how he's using half banners, and thought others may jump on the bandwagon. So if you do and are looking to put up some of our graphics, here you go.

Use them as you will, link 'em as appropirate. Have fun. And if you need other sizes, let me know.


  1. Do you have a "general" banner for the DragonPage website instead of the podcast titles above?

    I know next to nothing about HTML so when I have posted a banner before it has been HTML code that I insert.



  2. I would have to say the last one on that list (4th one down) is as basic as you can get. Not sure how much less we could say without it being only initials. (tDP)