Movie Review: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Anyone remember Danny DeVito's War of the Roses? Yeah, I'm trying to forget it, too. I thought that flick was supposed to be a comedy. I know, I know, it was a dark comedy, but the key word is still "comedy." War of the Roses kind of missed the mark for me. Wouldn't it be cool if someone took that movie, made it funny, then gave it the action sequences and intrigue from The Bourne Identity?

Welcome to the neighborhood Mr. & Mrs. Smith, a techno-thriller-comedy that supplies plenty of bang for your movie buck.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are John and Jane Smith, a couple whose spark seems to be fizzling. Both of them are missing the romance and the passion they shared when they met five (or six) years ago in Bogata, Columbia where they were vacationing?

Well, okay, for the two of them, it was a working vacation.

Now, five (or six) years later, they've got a beautiful home, great careers, and even solid ties to the community, but something seems to be missing from their lives. Both seem to be getting the impression each other is keeping secrets, and sadly they are both right?

John and Jane, unknown to each other, are top-notch super-spy assassins working for competing government agencies.

You think it's hard to cover up lipstick stains on shirt collars and getting rid of that tell-tale cologne scent from your dress? Try removing blood stains of drug cartels or slipping out of the dominatrix outfit you were wearing when you snapped that arms dealer's neck! I tell you what ? Fatal Attraction ain't got nothing compared to what John and Jane are coping with?

And if the secrets they're keeping from one another can't get any worse, they do.

Jane is on an assignment to take out a "compromising witness" in a case that could jeopardize intelligence operations. She is about to pull off this routine hit when a civilian wanders into the kill zone. A civilian... armed with a rocket launcher with infra-red, digital sighting and computer guidance lock (optional). Yeah, it's John. The witness gets away while the two of them duke it out, and the orders change for the both of them to identify one another and eliminate the competition. No problem. It's business as usual?

Then John figures it out just as Jane figures it out. So they head home for dinner -- and redefine the term "Domestic Dispute."

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is directed by Doug Liman, the director of one of my favorite spy films, The Bourne Identity, and he brings to this feature all the cool, intense, high-tech action we got in 2002. Liman goes a bit further with Mr. & Mrs. Smith by poking a little fun at the same super-spies he showcased in Bourne Identity, making then domesticated super-spies who need a boost in their marital bliss. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie deliver razor-sharp performances and appear to be having a great time playing "Double-O Ozzie and Harriet" with kick-butt martial art fights (all shot WIDE ANGLE.

Thank you, Mr. Liman!), shootouts that perform like ballet, and a car chase that would make Steve McQueen smile. You may think you have seen all the good stuff in the trailer, but that was merely the first level of "Top Secret clearance." You still have plenty of scenes from the therapist's chair, banter between Pitt, Jolie, and Vince Vaughn (who is hilarious as Pitt's hitman partner, Eddie), and loads of action waiting for you.

It's a great date movie. It's a great guy flick. It's a chick flick with firearms. It's Angelina Jolie in a latex corset! Need I say more?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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