Buy a house in Colorado complete with a wife!

Just in case you are drinking heavily while listening to this Week's Wingin' It! and are looking for a life-mate and a new house, this may be for you.

The idea of House With Bride began while I was contemplating selling my house in Denver, Colorado. Although my company is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a few years ago I bought a house in Denver. My life in Albuquerque had solely revolved around my work, and I felt that I needed to make some changes to improve my social life and hopefully meet my soul mate.

Find out more (and place a bid if you like,) at her website.

And if you win the bid, we'll put you on our next Wingin' It! show. (The beer is on us this time!)


  1. therunningwolves says

    And they think Geeks are weird

  2. What I find interesting is that because of this stunt, she is able to weed out men with little or no income. She is getting away with saying, "I'm looking for a rich man to sweep me off my feet and buy me lots of stuff." Ok, granted, she has an income as well, but remember, she is looking for bids above the $600,000 home value. (And I'm sure that your lender would not consider her as adding equitable value to the home.)

    So, If you don't have the cash, you don't have a chance with this woman.

    Kinda cheapens the whole idea of romance huh? (If there was ever really any to begin with.) It just comes down to cold hard cash.

  3. therunningwolves says

    Well, hey... better than the gold diggers with the husbands on heart medication whom they are feeding viagra to.

    Although, I'm a little surprised no one has viewed this yet as prostitution. She IS taking money to eventually have sex with someone.

    Well, hopefully, she finds the visa or mastercard of her dreams. Her real true love is probably that mink coat she's got her eye on.