Cover to Cover #202: John Scalzi

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The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi.

This week Michael and Evo talk to John Scalzi about his new book, The Ghost Brigades. This book continues on from Old Man's War, but is written as a stand-alone book, so you do not need to go back and read the first book to enjoy this latest offering. Great conversations with a fun guy.

As we try to get comfortable with our new 'loose' format, we will be bringing things back that many of you have asked for. This week we return to the Library, and tell you about a couple books that found their way into the studio.

Also, Escape Pod has increased their rates paid for short stories, and The Plot Thingy heats up.

About Summer Brooks

Summer Brooks is an avid fan of stories and story-telling, and fell in love with genre fiction at an early age. She's published several items, is currently working on several novels and webcomics, and one goal of hers is to write stories for television that leave a mark on people.

Summer is also the Executive Producer for FarPoint Media, and juggling all those shows and websites also keeps her pretty busy.


  1. Evo, you need to fix the mondo feed again. Feedburner has stopped delivering the feed.

  2. I came here from Scalzi's Whatever site and I really, really tried to listen to the show and only got about halfway through it. Overuse of certain words finally wore me out. Here's how it sounded to me:

    "You know... [something said]... basically... you know, you know... [something else said]... basically, you know... basically... you know..."

    Aargh! It gets old. If you can't communicate without constantly using those words, then at least (please!) edit them out before posting the show. My brain hurts.

  3. Mark in NY says:

    Slow day at work; lucky you! Hey, I know you guys slipped the last library section in cold, but still. You declared you weren't just going to read the back jackets--that's a cool resolution; then you made up for it by reading the teaser blurb off the front cover instead? Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?!

  4. Pilitus - Fixed. Thanks.

    Don - This might mark the first time I've heard we overuse "basically" and "you know". But I'll keep an ear out for them in the future.

    Mark - I read the front blub to reinforce my comment about it being military fiction. Easy, turbo. We won't slip into old habits. :)

  5. Mark in NY says:

    The thought of you guys slipping into habits of any sort, much less old, is possibly scarier than...well, than seeing Evo's grinning mug over a "Snakes on a Plane" t-shirt. That's going some.

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