Cover to Cover #219: Naomi Novik

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Show Notes
His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik.

This week Naomi Novik joins us to talk about His Majesty's Dragon and the next two books in her trilogy of alternate history. This series is a tale of Dragons doing air battles during the time of Napoleon. This is one to put on you must read list.

Also on the Show:

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  • And Lots-o-books arrived in the library this week.

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Summer Brooks is an avid fan of stories and story-telling, and fell in love with genre fiction at an early age. She's published several items, is currently working on several novels and webcomics, and one goal of hers is to write stories for television that leave a mark on people.

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  1. Just listened to this during my commute this morning. I am actually in the middle of this book right now. I really like it. I am into history a lot, I tend to gravitate to Roman times, but Napoleon is cool too. I really like the use of dragons- I noticed when i was reading it her use of all the various types of dragons and agreed with what she said in the interview that of course there will be various kinds of dragons.

    Also, I like that all 3 books have come out so soon, because I hate when I start a trilogy and have to wait a year or two for the next one.

    Love the show!

  2. I had heard you mention this series and the author a couple of times before. After listening to this interview I'm definitely going to give the first book a try. Points taken from the interview:

    1. Somehow become friends with a book agent :)
    2. If you have talent, your novel can get picked up by a publisher, even if you don't have a portfolio full of existing published works.

    Now I just have to figure out how to get both of these myself.

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