Cover to Cover #225: George R. R. Martin (Hugo Nominee Series)

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A Feast for CrowsThis week, "Cover to Cover" begins a special series of interviews covering of the 2006 Hugo-nominated novels and novellas. There'll be one story per show covered up until the Hugos are awarded at Worldcon in Anaheim, August 23-27, 2006.

Michael and Evo kick the Hugo coverage series off with a rebroadcast of their interview with George R. R. Martin about A Feast for Crows.

About Summer Brooks

Summer Brooks is an avid fan of stories and story-telling, and fell in love with genre fiction at an early age. She's published several items, is currently working on several novels and webcomics, and one goal of hers is to write stories for television that leave a mark on people.

Summer is also the Executive Producer for FarPoint Media, and juggling all those shows and websites also keeps her pretty busy.


  1. Vanamonde says:

    If you guys ever bring `Feeding the Dragon' segment back, I have a good one for you:,,923-2259031.html

  2. I enjoyed the interview, even though it was a replay. The original interview was before my time so it was new to me. It actually made me seriously consider tackling the megalithic-sized tomes of the series.

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