Unpublished Rowling Manuscript Auctioned at Staggering Bid

jk_rowling_180.jpgSeveral weeks ago, on our sister site Slice of SciFi, we reported that an unpublished hand-written and illustrated tale of wizardry by Harry Potter author JK Rowling would be auctioned off to benefit one of her favorite charity providers. This particular story was one of seven in the series titled "The Tales of Beedle Bard," which was a tale told to Harry and friends from Hogwarts Academy Head Master Dumbledore. Rowling has indicated that none of the seven tales will ever be published.

The auction was recently held at the famous Sotheby's in London where the manuscript fetched the healthy sum of $3.98 million (1.95 million pounds), a staggering amount of money when you consider it garnered 40 times its expected price.

Sotheby's revealed the buyer to be from London dealer Hazlitt, Gooden and Fox.

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