Review: "Small Favor" by Jim Butcher

Small Favor by Jim ButcherSo Harry Dresden is back and really what more is there to say? If you’ve gotten this far into the series you shouldn’t be surprised by what I’m going to talk about. If you haven’t read the books and only seen the TV series, do yourself a small favor, grab the books and start reading. You will NOT be disappointed. Yes I know, groan away.

*HERE THERE BE SPOILERS* proceed with caution.

The Gist: Mab has called in one of the favors owed to her by Harry. It appears to be a smallish favor but one that Harry cannot refuse. Harry is in trouble even before that when he and his apprentice Molly are attacked at her family home by Gruffs. So already you're hitting the ground running in the story.

Marcone has gone missing and Mab wants him found and has chosen Harry to find him. Nothing but a small favor right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

So throw in the Courts of the Sidhe constant skirmishing, Denarians with a plan, Knights of the Cross, the Archive, a few Wardens, a new apprentice and a VERY tired wizard named Harry and you will get another great read by Jim Butcher.

The Good: It’s HARRY DRESDEN folks! I mean come on! I don’t think Jim has written a bad book in this series. Trust me, he’s got an angle.

The characters are strong, engaging and just fun to read. Some of the older characters are brought back into the light and that’s really cool because they have also grown much like Harry has throughout the series. It’s nice to have characters in a series that are NOT two dimensional and flat.

More pieces of the puzzle are put into place. Of course more questions come out to replace those that are answered but would you expect anything less?

The Bad: I can’t really think of anything. Other then we have to wait for the next book in the series

The Ugly: Nada!

Jim Butcher really knows how to put together an engaging story that twists and turns. I was completely thrown for a loop because *I* thought I knew where the story was going. HA! HA I SAY! That was some serious hubris on my part.

After talking with Jim when he was in the studio I realized I just need to sit down, enjoy the story unfolding and not try and make those, incorrect leaps. He’s got the grand scheme for everything so don’t think you know where it’s going to go because it’s probably not going to go that way.

Small Favor is a great read and I think that the Dresden Files books are a great introduction to fantasy/sci-fi for someone who doesn’t normally read such genres. It’s a P.I. mystery with magic with strong characters, an over arching plots as well as smaller story arcs that finish up in single book... mostly.

Small Favor, by Jim Butcher
Published by: Roc (Apr 1, 2008)
ISBN: 0451461894
Genre: Fantasy


  1. tim and darcy low says

    You all should check out the audio version as well. Told by none other than Spike himself. Very well done.


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