Self-Published Author Gets Book, Movie Deal

Proving that hard work and having a great product can equal success in the publishing world, author Daniel Suarez has had his originally self-published thriller, "Daemon" optioned for a feature film according to Reuters. Producers Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald are producing the project for Parmount Pictures.

"Daemon" centers on an iconic game designer who, before he died, set up a program to fight mankind, with the story then exploring the ensuing man-vs.-machine battle. A daemon is a computer program that runs without the direct control of a human.

The original novel was a self-published work by Suarez that caught the eye of Penguin Group inprint Dutton. Dutton is scheduled to issue a mass-market version of the novel later this month and reports indicate that Suarez is currently working on a sequel called "Freedom."

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