"Heat Wave" by Richard Castle Now Online

The serialization of the first few chapters of the first Nikki Heat novel by Richard Castle (lead character in the ABC crime comedy/drama Castle), is now available online.

You can download a PDF of the first chapter this week, and a new chapter will be posted online every week until the second season premiere on Monday, September 21. The full book will be available on September 29.

The biggest mystery is who is the real author behind the books written by "Richard Castle" (portrayed by Nathan Fillion), will we ever find out, and will we end up with more novels in this series if the crossover appeal works?

Link: Castle: Nikki Heat Novel (download the PDFs)
Link: Castle: ABC.com
Buy the book at Amazon.com


  1. I want to find other books that he has written, how can I find them

    • Technically, we don't know who really wrote the "Richard Castle" novel, since the real writer is being kept secret (for now?).. but it might be fun to try and figure out from the writing style who the writer is!

      For now, this is the only novel out there written by "Richard Castle", and if you follow the link to the ABC.com website, they've posted through Chapter 10 of the book this week.

  2. Something similar was done with Lost... a manuscript that Sawyer was reading on the beach was published.

  3. I think that I read the leading theory at the moment is that the author might be James Patterson writing under another name. I believe the reason behind the theory was that he has made two/three guest appearances on "Castle." I have never read Patterson's work myself but I am about to read "Heat Wave" as soon as I can find a copy of the dang book. It has sold out in all of my local book stores. The publisher underestimated the appeal of the book to fans of the show "Castle" and did not have enough printed to meet demand. They are currently printing more.

    • The authors who have appeared as themselves on the show so far are Patterson (once), Stephen Cannell (twice), and Michael Connolly (once). My initial thoughts also ran to Patterson, but I read at article around the end of August saying that he'd just signed a monster, 17-book deal... which might not be able to include future "Castle" novels (and seeing how popular this one is, you KNOW there will be more!). I couldn't compare, since I've only read Patterson's YA work (the first few "Maximum Ride" books).

      My second choice would have been Cannell, but I've never read any of his mysteries, and can't compare the tone of the writing to anything. The first 10 chapters of "Heat Wave" are still available for PDF download from ABC.com: http://abc.go.com/shows/castle/castle-novel. I'd love to hear from someone who's read more Patterson than I, and see if their guess is the same.

  4. As a librarian typically I am fond of the crime/mystery genre. I find that comments above relating to writing style are close, but I would consider Clive Cussler or Stuart Woods before the others. Or perhaps someone who writes snappy, steamy dialog such as Janet Evanovich or even Nora Roberts could possibly influence the style. Personally I would look at John Sandford's Virgil Flowers character, so maybe Sandford? This is the most fun since we finally discovered who "Anonymous" was back in the Clinton era!!

  5. Steven Chambers says

    I'm betting that at least 2 authors collaborated on it. There were a few little mistakes such as Heat asking Rook to tell her something but then the other character with an 'R' name (Riley or something like that) would answer. The book just has a piecemeal feel to it. It wasn't very good overall but the individual parts weren't really all that bad. It was so confusing in places, where the reader is just left with a vague sense of what the heck just happened, but with no real details. Very oddly written.

  6. In response to Mac and others, it really does feel like Patterson writing, especially in the Womens Murder Club sereies. As I've read some of these I keep using the Castle characters in my mind as the characters in the books. And both series have black women ME.

  7. scene1024 says

    This is not written by James Patterson. Totally different style. I have every one of is books and it's nowhere close.

    Still a good book though, great would be a stretch.

  8. Yellowrose says

    I don't believe it's Pattersons style. Nor do I think it's Cusslers style. I'm thinking it is the writers of the series. The characters have the same feel of the characters on the show.

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