Giveaway: "Bite Me" by Christoper Moore

The Dragon Page is pleased to have two (2) copies prize packs for Christopher Moore's "Bite Me" available for two lucky readers/listeners.

The prize pack a copy of the novel and a t-shirt.

Bite MeBITE ME: A Love Story
By Christopher Moore

Let’s take a look at vampires, shall we?

There’s Nosferatu: a violent, brainless, insatiable scavenger out for blood...

Polidori’s Vampyre, Lord Ruthven: a handsome, aristocratic, sexually exciting figure with a hypnotic stare...

Bram Stoker’s Dracula:  enigmatic, erudite and evil...

Ann Rice’s Lestat:  sensitive, sensual, and emotional...

Stephanie Meyer’s Edward: beautiful, beguiling, and vegetarian...

And then there’s Christopher Moore’s vampires in his latest novel, BITE ME: A Love Story: Jody, a fiery redhead who used to work in insurance and her consort in blood C. Thomas Flood, a former Safeway stock boy who wants to be a writer.

BITE ME: A Love Story wraps up the outrageous adventures begun in You Suck: A Love Story (2007) and Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story (1995).  In it, Jody and Tommy live the undead life in San Francisco with their sidekick, Goth girl Abby Normal, otherwise known as Allison Green, and her bio-chem Ph.D candidate boyfriend, Steve “Foo Dog” Wong.  The thing is, Jody and Tommy are imprisoned in a bronze shell in the pose of Rodin’s The Kiss.

Meanwhile, Chet, a giant shaved vampire cat and his recently turned meowing minions are on the prowl.  As Abby says, “There’s nefarious shit afoot, Foo.  Bring portable sun and fry these nosferatu kitties before they nom everyone in the hood.”

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BITE ME: A Love Story is an inventive, hysterically funny, sophisticated comic horror novel with flamboyantly original (and endearing) characters, pitch-perfect postmodern dialogue, break-neck pacing, and utterly entertaining vignettes.  BITE ME readers have a lot to sink their teeth into.