Discworld Comes to the Midwest

Preparations are under way for the next North American Discworld Convention (NADWCon), scheduled to take place in 2011.  Emily S. Whitten, Chair of the NADWCon Steering Committee, known as the Guild of Chelonavigators, has announced this week that, after an extensive bidding process, the turtle now moves to the city of Madison, WI.

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld has been celebrated in conventions around the world, from Australia, to Germany, including Ireland, and the UK. The first Discworld convention in North America took place in Tempe, AZ in September of 2009 and was deemed a big success by fans, guests, and even by Sir Terry Pratchett himself, who was the Guest of Honor. Pratchett is once again willing to appear as Guest of Honor in 2011, health and circumstances permitting.

To learn more about NADWCon, or to see highlights from the 2009 convention, visit http://www.nadwcon.org.

The Guild of Chelonavigators also invites people to follow the 2011 planning process at http://community.livejournal.com/nadwcon2009.

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