Cover to Cover #417A: Redstone Science Fiction

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Mike S gives us an update on the HarperStudios experiment, with HarperCollins pulling the plug on it as of April 2010. This news leads to a speculative discussion on the future fate of large bookstores 5-10 years from now.

Maybe while the big box bookstores try to figure out what to do next, the smaller indie bookstores adapt and survive after all...

Interview: This week, Mike M and Summer chat with Michael Ray and Paul Clemmons about their new SF magazine, Redstone Science Fiction.

Redstone Science Fiction is an online market paying SFWA pro rates, focused on obtaining and presenting quality science fiction, as well as discussing the science and the technology with professionals working in those fields.

They are also running an Accessible Future Contest, with entries being accepted through August 15, 2010 (first prize is $300!)

Voicemail: Mari from Michigan relates a story about an unexpected encounter with someone embracing digital book content

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About Summer Brooks

Summer Brooks is an avid fan of stories and story-telling, and fell in love with genre fiction at an early age. She's published several items, is currently working on several novels and webcomics, and one goal of hers is to write stories for television that leave a mark on people.

Summer is also the Executive Producer for FarPoint Media, and juggling all those shows and websites also keeps her pretty busy.


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