Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After edited by John Klima, Introduction by Bill Willingham

Once Upon A Time... in the faraway land of Story, a Hugo-winning Editor realized that no one had collected together the fairy tales of the age, and that doorstop-thick anthologies of modern fairy tales were sorely lacking.

And so the Editor venture forth, wandering the land of Story from shore to shore, climbing massive mountains of books and delving deep into the lush literary forests, gathering together thirty-three of the best re-tellings of fairy tales he could find. Not just any fairy tales, mind you, but tantalizing tales from some of the biggest names in today's fantastic fiction.

And the inhabitants of Story -- from Kings and Queens relaxing in their castles to the peasants toiling in the fields, from the fey folk flitting about the forests to the trolls lurking under bridges and the giants in the hills -- read the anthology and enjoyed it.

And the all lived... Happily Ever After.