"Cover to Cover" on vacation

Don't Panic!

Dragon Page Cover to Cover is taking a summer break of a sort. Mike Mennenga is stretching his TV mogul muscles over at Slice of SciFi TV, and Mike Stackpole has travel and deadlines to work on.

While there won't be any official shows coming out until after the summer, there will be new content coming your way, with book reviews, book news, and even a new-look website, so keep coming back, and keep your subscriptions hot!

And definitely continue to call the voicemail number, and leave messages and questions about books and writing. The guys may still be able to put out a listener questions show or three during the summer break.


  1. Hmmm... DP on hiatus. This would be a good time to post those old episodes that are currently unavailable. (Hint.. hint...) Anyway, I'll miss DP, and look forward to its return. Thanks for a great show!

    • I think part of the plan might be to make a lot of those old interviews available, in one form or another. I am curious how many people are interested in hearing those, or if some are more "in demand" than others. Those old interviews are still fascinating, but a lot of the news in those shows really isn't "news" anymore 🙂

      Right now, all of the episodes back to Show 199 should be available. The one between Shows 170 and 199 may be spotty, and prior to Show 170 are, well, not immediately available.

  2. WebGenii says:

    Can I say that I really like the new library format. I like clicking on a book cover and not being punted out to Amazon. I like being able to read the full cover blurbs and I'm sure I'm going to end up commenting ad well.

    • Yeah, I noticed that link glitch last fall and fixed it, and started including the copy that was either on the promo sheets or on the back covers. I'm even going back and including author websites and social media links where I can find them.

  3. So, is this an Arizona summer vacation, because that could go on for a while yet. We're getting frost tomorrow up here in Iowa, so...Just kidding, hope Mike's doing well on his deadlines, but we can't wait to get you guys back on the air. I just downloaded ep 423 w/Larry Niven and 377 about Writing an Epic Saga to tide me over. Making older ones available would be great, namely the author interview shows. Thanks and love the show!

  4. Missing the boys for sure. Beginning to wonder if the show is going to come back. I sure hope it does, but a little worried about the lack of information and updates on this site about it. Come back guys!

  5. Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing, Robert. I don't blame them though, podcasting is a lot of work. Do you guys need a volunteer to edit/produce the show? That could save some time.

  6. While extra hands to edit is a great resource, still doesn't help with making the time to sit down and record the content! 🙂 And yes, voicemails with questions are still being collected.

    A few extra hands contributing would be welcomed: help with collecting and/or posting genre book news here on the site, or contributing genre book reviews (written and/or audio) are what I like to call "perpetually open positions", so feel free to inquire!