Dragon Page: A New Look

If you haven't been by in a while, welcome to the new look Dragon Page!

While the look and feel has changed, been streamlined a bit, and the navigation improved and some more of the social media interaction has been integrated better, the content is still here, and will continue to expand.

In addition to the scifi, fantasy and horror coverage that's been the staple genre for so many years, coverage of mysteries and thrillers will continue to increase, with more reviews and interviews planned for the future.

There may be some upgrades and changes that need to be made on the fly, mostly to older images that need to be redone to fit the new look, but don't mind the dust... everything will be straightened up soon!


  1. Are you ever coming back to resurrect this podcast. It's been too long in my opinion. It feels abandoned.

  2. We've been posting book reviews all summer, and there are plans for even more reviews and interviews coming up this fall.

  3. Site looks amazing! Longing for a return of the podcast. I mostly listen for the news and discussions between the Michaels. Interviews are fine and reviews I can take or leave. Hope the guys have time and choose to come back. They are missed.

  4. I love this podcast and want you guys to know you are being missed. Much appreciation to all of your hard work and I hope to hear from you soon!