The Year in Fantasy 2011: World Fantasy Con Panel (Part 1)

At this year's World Fantasy Con the "The Year in Fantasy" panel gave us a nice list of some of the best in new and upcoming fantasy. The panelists were all editors and publishers in the genre; Ellen Datlow, Jo Fletcher, Paula Guran, David Hartwell and Jonathan F. Strahan.

Here are their book recommendations from the panel, collected by our roving reviewer WebGenii:

  • The Heroes, by Joe Abercrombie. Orbit Books: February 2011
  • The Hammer, by K.J. Parker. Orbit Books: January 2011
  • Among Others, by Jo Walton. Tor: January 2011
  • The Dragon's Path, by Daniel Abraham. Orbit Books: 2011
  • The Uncertain Places, by Lisa Goldstein. Tachyon Press: Books: July 2011
  • The Crystal Bridge, Charles M. Pulsipher. Createspace: September 2011
  • Dark Matter, by Michelle Paver. Orion: December 2010
  • Kraken, by China Mieville. Del Rey: March 2011
  • Horns, by Joe Hill. Avon: February 2011
  • The Silent Land, by Graham Joyce. Gollancz: : December 2010
  • The Diviners Tale, by Bradford Morrow. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: December 2010
  • The Girl Who Would Speak for the Dead, by Paul Elwok. GP Putnam: April 2011
  • The White Devil, by Justin Evans. Harper: May 2011
  • The Last Werewolf, by Glen Duncan. Knopf: May 2011
  • Harbor, by John Lindquist. Thomas Dunne: October 2011
  • The Devil All the Time, by Donald Ray Pollock. Doubleday: July 2011
  • Before I Go to Sleep, by S. Watson. Harper Collins: June 2011
  • My Soul to Take, by Tananarive Due. Washington Square Press: September 2011
  • Deadfall Hotel by Steve Rasnic Tem. Centipede Press: April 2012
  • A Discovery of Witches, by Deborah Harkness. Viking: February 2011.
  • Deathless, by Catherynne Valente. Tor: March 2011
  • Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti, by Genevieve Valentine. Prime Books: May 2011
  • Low Town or The Straight Razor Cure by Daniel Polansky. Hodder and Stoughton: August 2011.
  • The Land of Hope and Glory, by Geoffery Wilson. Hodder and Stoughton: February 2012
  • Outpost, by Adam Baker. Hodder and Stoughton: September 2011
  • Prince of Thorns, by Mark Lawrence. Ace: August 2011
  • The Crippled God: The Malazan Book of the Fallen 10 by Steven Erickson. Bantam: February 2012
  • Songs of the Earth, by Elspeth Cooper. Tor Books: February 2012
  • The Emperor's Knife, by Mazarkis Williams. NightShade: December 2012
  • Ashes, by Ilsa Bick EdgemontUSA: September 2011
  • Rivers of London /Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch. Gollancz: : February 2011
  • The Sandman Slim series by by Richard Kadrey. Eos.
  • Abarat: Absolute Midnight (Book Three), by Clive Barker. HarperCollins: September 27 2011
  • The Dog Faced Gods Trilogy: A Matter of Blood, by Sara Pinborough. Gollancz: April 2011
  • Mr. Shivers, by Robert Jackson Bennett. Orbit: January 2010
  • Dancing with Bears, by Michael Swanwick. NightShade Books: May 2011
  • Death and Resurrection, by R.A. MacAvoy. Prime Books: December 2011
  • Snuff, by Terry Pratchet. Doubleday: November 2011
  • Miss Peregrines House of Peculiar Children, by Ransome Riggs. Quirk Books: June 7 2011

What Fantasy books are you looking forward to? Have you read any of these titles? Please weigh in with your thoughts.


  1. "Midnight Riot" and "Moon over Soho" by Ben Aaronovitch were deliciously fun. I just started "Discovery of Witches", I really need to go get a copy of "The Heroes", and that latest Malazan book.

  2. I can't say enough good things about Among Others. So its in my review que

  3. Wow - that's some list. I haven't read a single one. I better get started!

    I, too, have read Ben Aaronovitch's books and enjoyed them.

    I noticed GRRM's latest tome is not on this list. Why not? I enjoyed the installment to his series, though was disappointed that more didn't happen (though, to be fair, lots did happen!).

  4. Good question tmso, I would guess that they were more focused on new books. Are any of these titles a book #/#? That might be it... I'm not the biggest fantasy reader myself so I could be wrong.