When the alien spheres arrive they announce themselves with a deafening shriek. Their black ships fill the skies, and anyone caught beneath them vanishes in a flash of blue-white light.   [Read more...]

Fair Coin

Sixteen-year-old Ephraim Scott is horrified when he comes home from school and finds his mother unconscious at the kitchen table, clutching a bottle of pills.   [Read more...]

2011 Hugo Award Winners Announced

This weekend, the winners of the Hugo awards were announced. Connie Willis picked up another Hugo for best novel and Doctor Who won for its two-part series five finale.   [Read more...]

The Kobo eReader

Borders Bookstores will be launching their own eReader campaign this June, complete with an eBook store and the eReader, Kobo. This is the first release of Kobo in the United States after its success in Canada. The Kobo eReader measures in at about 4.7 x 7.2 x 0.4 inches, and weighs less than 8 ounces. […]

"Twilight" Novels Among ALA's "Most Challenged" Books

The latest survey of banned books indicates that the "Twilight" series ranks as the fifth most requested books to be banned by public libraries. The latest report on "challenged books" by the American Library Associations indicates that Meyer is in good company along with the Harry Potter novels and several other classics for the most […]

Novelist Eoin Colfer on Resurrecting "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" -- An AMC Interview

On the 30th Anniversary of the first publication of Douglas Adams's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy comes And Another Thing..., the sixth book of the series penned by Artemis Fowl novelist Eoin Colfer. Colfer discusses his reluctance to take on the project and his hopes for the future of Hitchhiker's.   [Read more...]

Guest Review: "Hell's Aquarium" by Steve Alten

OK a few weeks ago, there was a review of Steve Alten's Hell's Aquarium. I thought it wasn't a very good review, so I decided to send in my own, since I read Hell's Aquarium and liked it a lot.   [Read more...]

"Reading Rainbow" Comes To An End

After 26 years of helping children discover the joy of reading, PBS' "Reading Rainbow" came to an end last Friday. The show, hosted by actor LeVar Burton, was unable to secure a sponsor to underwrite the cost of producing and airing the show on PBS, reports the Wall Street Journal. Pointing to changes in educational […]

Winds of Dune Author Brian Herbert on Flipping the Myth of Jihad -- An AMC Interview

Dune author Frank Herbert's son discusses picking up his father's threads in Winds of Dune, out this month, and his hopes for Peter Berg's film adaptation of the saga.   [Read more...]

Gaiman wins Newbery Award

Neil Gaiman has won a John Newbery Medal. The Graveyard Book has received the highest award for children's literature from the American Library Association this week. Although Gaiman says on his blog that it's not a children's book, The Graveyard Book tells the story of a baby boy who survives his family's assassination, to be […]

Review: "Queen of Dragons" by Shana Abé

I loved this book and can't wait to find out what happens next. And I'll have to go back and find The Smoke Thief and The Dream Thief, the previous books in this series.   [Read more...]

Guest Review: "The Princes of the Golden Cage" by Nathalie Mallet

Nathalie Mallet sets up the problems faced by her hero, Prince Amir, on the very first page of her lively novel, The Princes of the Golden Cage. From that point on, she artfully entwines a mystery with a journey of self-discovery that includes a motivating love interest on the side.   [Read more...]

Review: Killing the Rabbit

Review by Debbie Walker Everyone in this book has issues. Hannie Reynard, Aussie filmmaker, steals the idea for her directorial debut film from an old college associate and loses a major chunk of her funding to a scam artist and must deal with a flare-up of her Crohn's disease all the while trying to figure […]

The Druid King: An Interview with Norman Spinrad

I got involved in writing the screenplay for the film Vercingetorix, la Legende du Druide Roi or Druids as it is known outside of France, and collaborated on endless versions of it with the producer-director. What was shot was something like version 14. But several friends of mine read version 3, and insisted that it was a masterpiece and should not be lost. And so, after the film was released and bombed, I re-read it myself, was saddened and rather angered at what it had turned into, and decided that they were right, so it became a novel.   [Read more...]

Slithering Through the Buffy Omnibus: An Interview with Alice Henderson

Alice is a fascinating individual. While earning her Bachelors degree at Webster University she studied the worldwide distribution of folkloric creatures such as lake serpents like Ogopogo, Bigfoot and the Chupacabra, topics near and dear to my heart. She went on to earn her Masters in Folklore from the University of Oregon, were she translated the Mabinogi. Who else do you know that can cuss in Medieval Welsh?

Alice has since made a name for herself working at Lucasfilm Ltd., and writing Star Wars gaming and video strategy guides including the best selling Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and Star Wars: Battle for Naboo manuals published by LucasArts Ltd (in house). She also wrote Prima's Official Strategy Guide to Obi Wan and the hint book for the Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns (an expansion pack) that were published by Prima (a division of Random House). She is currently writing novels for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. She is an active member of the Horror Writer's Association.   [Read more...]

Guest Review: "Prisoners Under Glass" by R. Patrick

Young readers who love big, bold action, boisterous high jinks and bizarre images, all mixed up with a bunch of people prone to snappy dialog learning to rely on each other in life-and-death situations, will get a kick out of Prisoners Under Glass.   [Read more...]