How to get a job as a freelance writer

So you wanna be a full time writer, but your novel is still stuck on some faceless editors desk in NYC. You need to pay the bills, and you'd like to do it without continually asking "do you want fries with that?" as part of your schtick. You've heard other authors talk about making ends […]

Good advice? Don't ignore negative reviews -- feature them!

One of the best books I read in 2006 was Infoquake, by David Louis Edelman. I had a chance to interview him recently. He's a nice guy, and a smart guy, and one hell of a writer in my opinion. But as always happens, not everyone agrees with that last assertion. David has recently posted […]

Can you write a novel with a wiki?

In the event that you don't have enough of your own solo writing projects underway: Penguin is launching its first wiki and in a project called A Million Penguins we've created a space where anyone can contribute to the writing of a novel and anyone can edit anyone else's writing. Over the next six weeks […]

The Sam Sale at Subterranean: Good Books, Good Cause

I'm reprinting this in its entirety from John Scalzi's blog. While we've got our own challenge with Captain Cancer here on the Dragon Page, it seems Joe isn't alone. From John's post: This is Sam, and he's a really cute kid. Sam has also been diagnosed with pontine glioma, a pernicious sort of brain cancer […]

Review: Recursion

Some books I know I'm going to love within the first few pages. Other books I discard in a few paragraphs. And then there are the books where I can't put them down, yet I also can't decide at the end if I liked them or not. Tony Ballantyne's Recursion fits that latter category. One […]

Happy Podiversary!

On October 14, 2004, The Dragon Page Cover to Cover was made available in an RSS 2.0 feed. In other words, our internet- and terrestrial-radio program became a podcast.

Yay! Two years. w00t!

🙂   [Read more...]

Podiobook summaries by Doug Kress

Doug Kress, trivia guy for Slice of Scifi and podcaster in his own right, recently created these brief summaries of a few podiobooks he's been enjoying:   [Read more...]

Submissions wanted for anthology

Now here's an interesting idea. I'm always intrigued at the speed at which some people respond to adversity. By now you are all familiar with the news of all liquids being banned in carry-on items. Here's how a couple of guys are responding to the new regulations:

It Came From Airport Security is an upcoming anthology of short stories, and we need your submissions!

  • Write a story of no more than 4,000 words in any genre on the subject of what happens when someone (or something) is exposed to the substances mixed in an airport security waste bin.
  • License your story under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license. (This blog and the resulting anthology will be licensed the same)
  • ... and more guidelines on the site

The prizes aren't all that great, but it seems like a fun idea. If you are interested, follow the link above for full details. And if you submit, please let us know!   [Read more...]

Pseudopod: The Horror Podcast Magazine

Mur Lafferty and Ben Phillips have teamed up with Escape Artists, Inc. (the folks behind Escape Pod, the science fiction podcast magazine) to create Pseudopod -- bringing you great original works of short horror fiction to your MP3 player of choice each and every week.   [Read more...]

Meme Therapy - Way smarter than us

There's a site I've been meaning to write about for some time now. Meme Therapy has just migrated to a much better web host, so now is the time.

Oops. Cat's out of the bag. I'm talking about Meme Therapy. You tune into us to hear us chat with science fiction and fantasy authors primarily. (Well, unless you're tuning in to listen to our lovely wives chat with young adult authors, that is.) And while we occasionally bring you some news and information from the world of scifi literature, we're primarily an interview show.

So what's a boy/girl/cymek to do when he/she/it needs deeper information, not only about the authors of sci-fi books, but actually from said authors of speculative fiction? Check out Meme Therapy. Great text interviews with authors, excellent discussion questions passed around to the brightest names in science fiction today, and exceptional commentary from the staff. I love this site. You should check it every day, or subscribe to their RSS feed. Now.   [Read more...]

Exchange your used books with BookMooch

BookMooch, the online community where you can exchange your used books for others, has moved from beta to full-release. Lots of features to help you get your list of books in the system quick and easy. I'd love it if one of you bibliophiles out there would give this a dry run and let us know what you think!   [Read more...]

This author wants to fight you

Craig Davidson, a novelist from Canada, has cooked up an interesting promotion for his novel, The Fighter. Quite simply, he wants to fight you. Seriously.

If you are a noodle-armed fancy lad, I will not fight you.
If you are a good man with a noble heart, I will fight you.
If you suffer some debilitating mania or dementia, I will not fight you.
If you are here to kick ass and chew bubblegum (and you're all out of bubblegum), I will fight you.
If you are missing one of more of the following limbs: arms/legs, I will not fight you.
If you are known by one of the following nicknames---"The Hammer," "The Mangler," "The Wizard"---then yes, by all means, I will fight you.
If you are over 80, have a heart condition or an irritable bowel, I am sorry but I cannot fight you.
If you have the courage of a lion and the guts of a burglar, I will fight you.

So, if you are interested in fighting or know someone who might make a good fight, email me and I will see if we can't arrange something. I'm dead serious. It will be a real boxing match, four rounds probably, staged at some suitable public venue. In Toronto, most likely. We shake hands afterwards, head out for a beer, and that's that. An experience to tell your grandkids about (I certainly will). No hard feelings, even if you knock the tar out of me. I'm good like that. You'd be doing me a favor, really. We'll get the whole match on video and post it on the website, too.

I'm serious as death about this. I think it would be a kick. Who else promotes their book like that? I love my publicist. He rocks hardcore. Let's help him do his job and find someone for me to fight, shall we?

And it looks like he just might have a taker. Line up, all of you without bubblegum... Thanks to Lora for the link.   [Read more...]

New SF magazines to check out

Believe it or not, a staple of science fictions past, the SF magazine, is still alive and kicking. What was once the place most folks consumed their scifi is now often only a footnote. But rest assured, the SF magazine market is still around.

Ellen from the UK dropped me an email a few days back letting me know about two new ones worthy of checking out. Rather than try and paraphrase her words, I'm just gonna lay it out as she wrote it.

I just wanted to let you knowabout a couple of new sci-fi magazines (which are also after submissions). The first one is RayGun Revival, available fortnightly online and has just announced a podcast version (yay!). They say:

What are we doing? We're attempting nothing less than re-invigorating space opera itself. Think of all that classic literature, from Doc Smith to Edgar Rice Burroughs to James Blish, and then think of more recent stuff from Star Wars (EP IV - VI, especially), Orson Scott Card to Lois McMaster Bujold to Joss Whedon's Firefly, and you'll have an idea of what we're shooting for.

Which sounds pretty cool to me, but then I love space opera. *beam*

The second magazine is called Hub and isn't out in print until December (UK only), but
there's a website and a few sample pages. Those sample pages happen to feature my Very First Short Story Sale! *happy dance* So I thought I'd let you know about it anyway. *heh* Not that I'm shamelessly plugging it, of course. At all.

Thanks for the note, Ellen. We can always use new places looking for short SF submissions!   [Read more...]

The Legends of Mernac

I received a press release a few days back on something new called The Legends of Mernac. It appears to be many things to many different people. From the release:

All of the High Fantasy fiction stories found in The Legends of Mernac are “linked” together creating a never-ending Fantasy saga. The Legends of Mernac’s foundation is a 10,000 year, mostly unwritten history. This basis provides both professional and amateur writers and artists the ability to fill-in those 10,000 years of history with legends (stories), and a means to immediately publish their works, while contributing to and being part of developing a mythical “world”. All High Fantasy enthusiasts can find a home in Mernac, from the avid reader, whose new favorite saga will literally never end, to writers, who ensure that the Legends go on and on, to the artists who beautifully and ingenuously illustrate the LEGENDS. And with more functions like music and/or soundtracks, RPG Gaming, animations, movie clips, and, eventually, full-feature movies, there’s always going to be something for everyone who loves High Fantasy fiction.

The site is currently in beta and is looking for volunteers. If you've got the time and the inclination, please do so. And keep us informed.   [Read more...]

Pop what's popular at

Got a book which you think everyone needs to read? Have you heard an audio book that simply must be heard by as many as possible? Maybe it's a video, a great game, a very cool picture or (and I'm not begging for votes) and episode of a podcast which begs to be spread to as many podcatchers as possoble?

Check out, a site where you and other regular folk get to pick what's popular. You may already be familiar with, a sort of social ranking site where news stories and blog posts get listed and then voted on by the community at large for what's important right now. works very much like that, but is designed for media instead of posts and news items.

Me personally, I don't care so much about what the rest of the world thinks is cool. However, as a study in social behavior, I think it's a neat site. Check it out.   [Read more...]

Good advice, but a misconception from an award-winning author

I shall start by saying I count Robert J. Sawyer as a friend. I've had the opportunity to meet him on more than one occasion, exchanging phone calls and emails which had nothing to do with the many interviews I've had with him on a professional level. I think he's a swell guy, a smart guy and is completely informed on a wide range of topics. But that doesn't mean he's not wrong in this case.   [Read more...]