Cover to Cover #12: Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell

Guests: Renowned fantasy artists Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. About their work and upcoming projects.   [Read more...]

Julie Bell

During the past eight years, a bright star has been rising on the firmament of science fiction/fantasy art. In this short period, Julie Bell has established herself as a force to be reckoned with, rubbing elbows with the top luminaries of the art world. Born in Beaumont, Texas, her art studies always centered around drawing, especially of the human figure.   [Read more...]

Boris Vallejo

His mastery of oil painting is immediately and abundantly clear to anyone who looks at his work, and his classic sense is as much an homage to the old masters as it is to anyone contemporaneously working in the Fantasy genre.

For sheer dauntless bravura, few have ever pushed the limits as does Boris with his beautiful maidens and fearsome monsters.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #11: Nebula and Hugo Nominees

Topics covered: Nebula Award and Hugo Award nominees, Sci-fi news and events.   [Read more...]

The Dragon Page #10

We Reviewed Jack Allen's new book Change of Heart and covered Sci-fi news and events.   [Read more...]

The Dragon Page #9

Evo Terra joins The Dragon Page as regular Co-host. Topics: Dragons, Sci-fi, and the first News segment   [Read more...]

The Dragon Page #8

Guest: Evo Terra of Spaz Kitty talking about Sci-fi/Fantasy topics   [Read more...]

The Dragon Page #7

Guest: Author R. Michael Gordon on his book Alias Jack the Ripper.   [Read more...]

R. Michael Gordon

His Web Site: Case Book About the Author R. Michael Gordon is a writer and researcher living in California.

The Dragon Page #6

Guest: Author Mitz Kliendon on her post Camelot based books.   [Read more...]

Mitzi Kleidon

Proven by the success of such movies as Merlin, Excalibur and The Highlander Series, the human spirit of people today, cry out for true and pure heroes. One who can follow their hearts with magical results. While there have been countless books that weave their stories in and out of King Arthur, none (as far as my research has led me) attempted a sequel of the Knights of the Round Table. I have read many books, seen the movies and researched the internet, but still I have failed to come across such a story. Yes, all the books are wonderful. I have loved them all and am sure I have missed some, but believe mine is unique in its own right.   [Read more...]

The Dragon Page #5

Guest: Meg LaBord of Green Leaf Book Group on the publishing industry.   [Read more...]

The Dragon Page #4

We talk with: Writer/Comedian Rod Long, about his book Belly Laughs   [Read more...]

Rod Long

A man of great passion and artistic ability, Seattle's Rod Long is a professional photographer, writer and stand-up comedian. He holds degrees in Journalism (Seattle University) and Motion Picture Production (Brooks Institute of Photography).   [Read more...]

The Dragon Page #3

Show Topics This week:
Print on Demand,
Dragon topics,
Chinese New Year.
My Guest: Wife Lorrie   [Read more...]

The Dragon Page #2

The show topic this week is: "Turning books into movies"
My Guests: My wife Lorrie and her mom Pat talk about the books they love and how Holywood screwed them up.   [Read more...]