Sunday Night Replacements Named.

Well it is official today. The replacements for our time slot on KFYI have been named. I am glad to say it is not who I thought it would be, and the new team are seasoned pros in radio. (At least I feel a little better that we were replaced with quality show hosts) At the same time, it is sad that we will not be on KFYI any longer. We had a lot of fun during our time there, and it would have been nice if the station could have found a better way of using our show.
It is rather sad that AM talk has become so entrenched with political talk that it will not tolerate something completely original. Our show is unique, and it will require that a station look past the old tried-and-true standards. Sci-fi/fantasy requires outside-the-box thinking and it is unfortunate that most stations these days are unwilling to make that leap.
All is not lost though dear fans. The Dragon Page will keep the fires of Sci-fi burning bright. Stay tuned for great new things coming soon.   [Read more...]

The Dragon Page Live Fire Has Been Put Out!

Yes fans, friends, and lovers of all things Michael & Evo. The powers-that-be at KFYI have given us the boot. (For being 'too' popular) Yes, you heard me right! Our ratings were too good for Sunday night and we unseated Matt Drudge from his lofty #1 spot. Now, since Matt sells more ad time than us poor lowly geeks, we're out.

There are a couple other issues involved here, but that is the meat of the justification for dumping a very good show, (namely ours) to be replaced with a less popular show (namely a new local girl).   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #154: Fiona Avery

Araña - Heart of the Spider from Marvel is Fiona Avery's latest book. As in "comic" book, or graphic novel. It's a Latina superheroine story which has garnered some serious critical acclaim. Fiona approaches stories from her anthropological background, giving additional depth and perspective you may not see in other works.   [Read more...]

China may be S.O.L... Soon.

If you're planning on a trip to China anytime soon, you make want to rethink taking that extra suit and pack some TP instead. Evidently the soft fluffy stuff may soon be in short supply.

"Wang, quoted in the China Daily, said he was "beginning to worry about the large wood consumption" and the industry needed to consider other technologies and uses.

"We are trying to encourage the application of new materials and technologies," he said, pointing to one factory in Jiangsu province now making toilet paper from straw.

"The 140,000 tons of tissues and toilet paper Shanghai uses every year consumes some 80,000 tons of wood pulp, equal to about 300,000 tons of wood," said Wang.

One textile merchant said he hoped the pressure would reinvigorate use of the handkerchief, at least for runny noses. "

Yeah, because carrying around a hanky filled with your snot is so much better. Although, it may be preferable to wiping your butt with a handful of straw.   [Read more...]

How to piss off your neighbors while you're away.

This sounds like a great idea, unfortunately, it's also illegal.

"Before leaving on vacation, a German couple set up a loudspeaker and timer with the sound of a crowing cock to blast their neighbors every morning.

"The apparatus switched on between 2 and 4 o'clock in the morning and produced a cock crowing at an enormous volume. This would last for 20 minutes with breaks in between," police said.

Police confiscated the gear and charged the vacationers, who are still away, with bodily harm and disturbing the peace. The neighbors had no history of antagonism."

No! Really? No history of antagonism? What the hell would you call this stunt? I'm certain the couple is lucky the police stepped in before the neighbors had a chance to.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #153: Terry Goodkind / c. c. dust

Terry Goodkind
The Sword of Truth series has been going strong and is up to the ninth book, with Chainfire. While it is a true series, each book is "complete" and can stand alone. Now Terry offers a new novel of Richard and Kahlan, the beginning of a sequence of three novels that will bring their epic story to its culmination.

c.c. dust
Mr. Blur is the first offering by c.c., and is difficult to sum up in a short paragraph, or even a 10 minute interview. Think cyberpunk and film noir wrapped around horror and mystery and you're getting close. But when an artificial intelligence hires a private dick to find out who's trying to kill him, it gets complicated.   [Read more...]

KFYI #67: The Future of Fantasy

Peter Jackson set the bar rather high with Lord of the Rings, making us wonder about the future of fantasy. Will other film makers be able to reach this bar? How will production companies select their materials in a post-LotR world?   [Read more...]

SciFi to pick up Enterprise?

Getting some rumbles from about a possible move.   [Read more...]

Donnie Darko - The Director's Cut

I love director's cuts and special edition movies on DVD. There is no question about that, so after seeing the major improvements to Riddick, Hellboy, Daredevil and the host of other titles filling my collection, I decided it was time to give Donnie Darko a second look. I'm happy to report - director's cuts still rock my world.

Rating: 4 out of 5

When I first saw Donnie Darko a couple years ago, I couldn't understand why this movie was getting so much buzz from the fan community. It was strange, confusing, and overall made my head hurt. The story was so loose, that many times during the flick I was able to make up my own storyline. I read all the comments about how it made you think, and that you had to really work at understanding the mysteries inside the movie. Well no shit! The story was so weird and confusing that you could have inserted a dozen other time-travel themes from Star Trek TNG into this film with no effect on the outcome. So I was not expecting much from Donnie Darko - the Director's Cut.

In the original film, Donnie (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) narrowly escapes death when the engine of a plane falls from the sky onto the family home. Frank ? a six-foot tall rabbit that only Donnie can see ? then tell him that the world will end in twenty eight days, six hours, forty two minutes and twelve seconds. After this revelation, Donnie falls into an almost surreal world at home and at school. He becomes obsessed with time travel and with a book written by an old woman in town whom the kids call Grandma Death.

Now the images of Frank the rabbit were just plain disturbing, and I spent most of the time trying to figure out if Donny was insane, or had just taken too many hits of acid. The thing that really drove me crazy was that Donny would get a look on his face throughout the movie that was reminiscent of Jack Nicholson in The Shining, making me certain that he ?was' insane. You will say that this was the point; they were redirecting you from the real truth inside the movie. Problem is, even at the end of the film, I still thought he was insane regardless.

Ok enough bitching about the original film. If you have not seen the original, I'll do my best to not give out any spoilers, but I do want to give you a few points of new features that just made this movie finally work for me.

The biggest improvement within the film has to be the extra 20 minutes of footage, most of which (and most important to the story) is of the crazy old woman (Grandma Death) who wrote the time-travel book. The information we as the audience gain from the flash-sequences are absolutely the saving grace for me. I stood up at one point and just had to shout out loud, ?I finally know what this movie is about!? It was that big of a change for me. The other major improvement has to be the sound track. (yeah, no kidding) the old track was haunting and weird and just made me feel creepy all over. (It actually distracted me at times) Now, the score blends with the film, the way a score is suppose to, you don't notice it unless you are listening for it. Add in the fact that Frank the rabbit actually talks to Donnie, and you have the beginnings of a real movie with a real plot. There are several other scenes added that vastly improve this film, but I would not be able to tell you about them without giving something away, so I'll just end by saying, ?Get this film, it is really cool - now.?   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #152: Peter Archer / Keith Baker

Wizards of the Coast
Peter Archer joins us to talk about some exciting things happening from Wizards of the Coast. Games, miniatures, books... these guys are ear-deep in the genre of Fantasy.

Keith Baker
The City of Towers is a success story for those considering the open call above. Keith's world Eberron was picked up by Wizards of the Coast out of 1,100 other entries, and the first novel set in the world is City of Towers.   [Read more...]

KFYI #66: Save Enterprise!

It's all about SAVING ENTERPRISE! No, we're not gonna take it! UPN has said it's over...

Over? Did you say OVER? Nothing is over until we say it is! Was it over when the... Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no... And it ain't over now!   [Read more...]

Save Enterprise

What ever you are doing now... er... (I guess that would be reading this post) Well ok, when you are done reading, click on the link and go to Save Enterprise dot Com.

These fine people are not taking the cancellation of Enterprise laying down. Undoubtabley spurred on by the success of the Save Farscape campaign, Tim and Brandon are rallying the troops to go to war with the Network responsible for terminating the struggling series. We at The Dragon Page are behind them 100%.
Be sure to tune in this week, you be able to listen to Tim tell the story this Sunday on our Live Fire show. We have invited the founder of Save Enterprise, (one of the main people behind this movement) on the show, so don't miss out.

If you have any love for Enterprise, visit the site and help out. Enterprise is a good show and deserves a couple more seasons to get its feet. TNG, Voyager, they all took time to get their direction, it would be a shame if Enterprise gets the axe before it has a chance to find its way.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #151: R. A. Salvatore / Scott Ciencin

R. A. Salvatore
Bob rejoins the show to talk about The Two Swords, the third book in The Hunters Blade trilogy, featuring everyone's favorite dark elf, Drizzt.

Scott Ciencin
Scott has written an Everquest novel, called Rogue's Hour. Presented by R. A. Salvatore, Rogue's Hour is best synopsized as "Bourne Identity with swords".   [Read more...]

KFYI #65: Transhumanism

Our guest on the show is Dr. James Huges of Cyborg Democracy, author of Citizen Cyborg: Why Democratic Societies Must Respond to the Redesigned Human of the Future.   [Read more...]

New Feature Coming, but First...

Going through the hundreds of books in our library last night, we struck upon a great idea. Why don't we post all these books up on our website to show everyone just how many books we get in our studio each week. (We should have that page up soon, so stay tuned) In the meantime, I ran across a couple titles that y'all just gotta take a look at.   [Read more...]

Star Trek Communicators are one step closer.

This is way cool news for all us fans of Star Trek who long for the time when we can slap the communicator on our chests and talk to our com padres.

"Until recently, the 3,200 employees at Lincoln's two facilities had no organized method of campus-wide communication; nurses were often heard shouting out names in hallways, adding unwanted noise and stress to what can often be a hectic environment.

Today, thanks to a Wi-Fi VoIP system from Vocera Communications, which looks like something one might find in the 24th century, coworkers can keep in touch faster than you can say, "Beam me up, Scotty."

The four-year-old, Cupertino, Calif.-based vendor offers a unique voice over Wi-Fi communications system. It combines a wearable device about the size of a granola bar with server software that enables users to not only speak with any person or group on the network, but also make and receive outside phone calls."

Now we just need a transporter and some cool phasers and we are ready to go in search of some interstellar booty like James T. Kirk. (Come on, who wouldn't wanna try out a green chick for just one night?)   [Read more...]