New "Halo" Novel Release Date Announced

Halo fans will want to put down their game controls and head out to their local bookstores early next year.   [Read more...]

Downtown LA Intersection Renamed For Sci-Fi Author Ray Bradbury

Science fiction author Ray Bradbury was a regular at Clifton's Cafeteria on Broadway, and was known for writing on the public typewriters in the Central Library.   [Read more...]

Remembering Ray Bradbury

One of the genre's greats and a staunch defender of public libraries, Ray Bradbury, has passed away.  He was 91. Bradbury was a prolific writer, publishing 27 novels and short story collections during his career.  His classic Fahrenheit 451 is required reading for most high school students.    In addition, Bradbury gave us The Martian Chronicles, Something Wicked […]

John Hornor Jacobs: Rationalizing the Zombie

Horror novelist John Hornor Jacobs spent some time deep in the throes of darkness while writing his zombie novel This Dark Earth (due out in July 2012). While he was down there, he began to wonder what he would need to do to really survive a zombie uprising. His thoughts are posted over at Suvudu: […]

Tor to Drop DRM From E-Books

Tor/Forge, one of the largest sci-fi and fantasy publishers, will drop DRM from its e-books by July of 2012, the company announced in a press release today.

The move could be a signal to other publishers to drop the use of DRM on its e-books as well.   [Read more...]

Win An Autographed Copy of "Dead of Night"

St. Martin's Griffith is giving away 10 signed hardcover copies of the novel. You can enter to win the book HERE.   [Read more...]

All Hallow's Read

Gaiman has started the All Hallow's Read to encourage sharing of "scary books" during the upcoming Halloween season. Gaiman says that you can give the book the week of Halloween or on the actual Halloween night itself.   [Read more...]

NASA Teaming Up With Tor/Forge

We've all heard stories about how many of NASA's scientists and astronauts were inspired by the worlds of science-fiction. Now, the space agency is teaming up with Tor books to create a new line of science-fiction novels that will highlight concepts relevant to current and future NASA missions and operations.   [Read more...]

Dragon Page: A New Look

If you haven't been by in a while, welcome to the new look Dragon Page!

In addition to the scifi, fantasy and horror coverage that's been the staple genre for so many years, coverage of mysteries and thrillers will continue to increase, with more reviews and interviews planned for the future.   [Read more...]

NPR Releases Top 100 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book List

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about NPR's summer project to assemble a list of the top 100 sci-fi and fantasy books.

After nominations, voting and compiling, the results are in. The full list is available on NPR.   [Read more...]

NPR Looking for Top Sci-Fi and Fantasy Novels

Got a favorite genre novel?  NPR wants to hear about it. The news broadcaster is looking to compile a list of nominees that can be whittled down into the best examples of the genres. Here's the guidelines for nominating: 1. Limit yourself to five titles per post. Don't hesitate to nominate a book that someone […]

"Cover to Cover" on vacation

Don't Panic!

Dragon Page Cover to Cover is taking a summer break of a sort. Mike Mennenga is stretching his TV mogul muscles over at Slice of SciFi TV, and Mike Stackpole has travel and deadlines to work on.   [Read more...]

Vote for "Cinco de Mayo" in the Alberta Reader's Choice Awards

Michael Martineck's Cinco de Mayo, published by EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy, is a finalist for the Alberta Readers Choice Award, and the only fiction work vying for this mainstream $10,000 award. This is the first time that a Science Fiction novel has made it to the finals. Although one has to be an Alberta […]

"A Dance With Dragons" Release Date Announced

Fans of George R.R. Martin's "A Song of Fire and Ice" mark your calendars. The fifth installment in the epic fantasy series has a release date. "A Dance With Dragons," the fifth volume in the series will hit stores on July 12, 2011. Entertainment Weekly broke the news on their site and says the latest […]

Poisoned Pen Halloween Author Event

The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale will be hosting a Halloween event this coming Sunday, October 24, featuring five authors and a Halloween Costume contest! James A. Owen (The Shadow Dragons, The Dragon's Apprentice), Larry Correia (Monster Hunter International, Monster Hunter Vendetta), Weston Ochse (Empire of Salt), Sam Sykes (Tome of the Undergates), and S.S. Wilson […]

"The Wheel of Time" Digital Scavenger Hunt

In honor of the publication of The Way of Kings and November’s publication of Towers of Midnight (the penultimate volume in the late Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time®), Brandon Sanderson and are proud to announce the first digital scavenger hunt in Wheel of Time history! The details are live at: Essentially, starting […]