SFF Audio: Harlan Ellison interview

The boys from SFF Audio have a treat for scifi fans.

They have an interview with Harlan Ellison, one of the most revered and maligned grand masters of science fiction.   [Read more...]

Octavia Butler passes

On Saturday, one of my favorite authors passed away. Octavia Butler was 58 years old.

She wrote a different kind of science fiction, and had a knack for bringing issues of social consciousness out and blending them with "what if.." Her last book, Fledgling, was recently released.

A few weeks ago, Mike and I had the pleasure of talking with Octavia. That interview is scheduled to be released in a couple of weeks, which now seems rather... awkward.   [Read more...]

tDP and SoSF half banners

Jeff over at Podcast Shuffle has listed our shows and was asking for a half-banner (234x60), a size I'm familiar with but not used to working with. I like how he's using half banners, and thought others may jump on the bandwagon. So if you do and are looking to put up some of our graphics, here you go.

Use them as you will, link 'em as appropirate. Have fun. And if you need other sizes, let me know.   [Read more...]

Yoda Diet Pepsi ad

Our resident stormtrooper, TD0013, brings us this little tidbit about Yoda selling out to Pepsico and has this to say:   [Read more...]