Cover to Cover #462: Deconstructing the Story

Mike S points out that the real kidney punch to B&N was done by Apple a few weeks ago with their ebook textbook deals, and the guys talk about how these deals could change how teachers teach and how people learn.

Rewrite Update: Mike M details his first plunge back into rewriting Mistress of the Dragon in 12 years, and the guys talk about the deconstruction process and the details to focus on that can improve story depth and detail.   [Read more...]

The Janson Command

Reformed from his days of covert-operations, Paul Janson has set a new mission for himself. Working in partnership with champion sharpshooter Jessica Kincaid, he rehabilitates disenchanted agents and helps them create new lives outside of the violent intelligence sector.   [Read more...]

Article 5

The Bill of Rights has been revoked, and replaced with the Moral Statutes.

There are no more police -- instead, there are soldiers. There are no more fines for bad behavior -- instead, there are arrests, trials, and maybe worse. People who get arrested usually don't come back.   [Read more...]

The Galahad Legacy

Council leader Triana Martell has returned from her journey through the mysterious wormhole, but she isn’t alone. She is accompanied by the ambassador of an alien race -- the Dollovit.   [Read more...]

Westward Weird

The thirteen original stories ride a broad range between science fiction, fantasy and the paranormal -- and all of them are told from a Wild West perspective.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #461: Building Your Audiences

Discussion: Mike S talks about the importance of developing a private audience, separate from the groups you're cultivating on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and other social networks.

What's your favorite site for book reviews? Send them in, or mention them here... we'll collect the info and compile them into a list that we will use later to help publicize the finished stories after the process here.

And yes, Summer is still taking applications for Dragon Page book reviewers. Wanna play?   [Read more...]

Throne of the Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon Kingdoms, land of djenn and ghuls, holy warriors and heretics, Khalifs and killers, is at the boiling point of a power struggle between the iron-fisted Khalif and the mysterious master thief known as the Falcon Prince.   [Read more...]

The Order of the Scales

Having survived Jehal's betrayal, former Queen Zafir is determined to take back control of the kingdom. To that end, she seizes Jehal's wife and son as hostages. Desperate to save his queen and his heir, Jehal makes a tentative peace with the dragons of the north, and prepares to fly against his enemies.   [Read more...]


Searching for ancient technology to help her friends find answers to the mystery of their own past, Boss ventures into a place filled with evidence of an ancient space battle, one the Dignity Vessels lost.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #460: Information Management and Story Questions

Mike S brings up some salient points about the legal tussle going on between HarperCollins and Open Road Media over the definition of "ebook" because of a new electronic version of Julie of the Wolves.

Rewrite Status update: Mike M has cracked open his old manuscript, and reread it to better evaluate where it currently stands so he can determine which direction he wants to go with it.

Mike S talks about asking more questions about your story in order to discover more about your world, your characters, and how those questions may lead you to tell a better story than the one you originally had in mind.   [Read more...]


Protecting Chicago from the dark side can be an exhausting job, especially when you're a sophomore.   [Read more...]


Faith is the name humanity has given to the unknown, seemingly invincible alien ship that has begun to harass the newly emergent Commonwealth. 300 years earlier, the same ship destroyed the Sakhran Empire, allowing the Commonwealth to expand its sphere of influence. But now Faith has returned!   [Read more...]

Lightspeed: Year One

Lightspeed is the critically-acclaimed, online science fiction magazine edited by bestselling anthologist John Joseph Adams. Lightspeed publishes all types of science fiction, from near-future, sociological soft sf, to far-future, star-spanning hard sf, and anything and everything in between.   [Read more...]

Cover to Cover #459: How and Where to Get Started

Would you be interested in receiving PDFs of sample chapters from authors, writing prompts or assignments or items of that ilk? Let us know your thoughts on that!

Mike S lays out some steps to keep in mind when you start your 2012 writing projects, then the guys mark Mike M's starting point in tackling the re-edit of his book, itemizing what he should do for character and story breakdowns.   [Read more...]

The Daemon Prism

Dante the necromancer is the most reviled man in Sabria, indicted by the King, the Temple, ans the Camarilla Magica for crimes against the living and the dead.   [Read more...]

Leaves of Flame

One hundred years have passed since Colin Harten used his new powers to broker a peace agreement between the human, dwarren, and Alvritshai races of Wrath Suvane.   [Read more...]