I guess it's time I said "Hello" to everyone.


My name's Summer Brooks, and I've been invited to add reviews and occassional commentary here at the Dragon Page, and I look forward to doing so. And while I might be able to keep some of my snarky tendencies under control to start with, I'm not sure I'll be able to stop myself from doing something about the spelling habits of a few folks around here.

I enjoy reading from almost all of the subgenres that fall under speculative fiction umbrella, but I'd have to say that the majority of what I read is fantasy; most of my SF content comes from the old school authors and books from long ago rather than the new stuff. I also like reading mysteries and thrillers, and I have soft spot for books on writing. I enjoy watching spec fic and detective TV shows, and my favorite movie genres fall under spec fic and action/adventure, with occassional sidetrips into drama and horror.

In the real world, I'm a recovering Unix systems administrator, and I'm attending massage therapy school as part of that recovery process. As a writer, I'm still unpublished (unless you count being mentioned in the acknowledgements of an obscure book about the stars of Xena: Warrior Princess), but I have fantasy and thriller projects in progress.

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Five Seasons of Angel

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