when geekdoms collide

What happens when computing geekdom meets media geekdom?

Buffyology happens. Oh my.

The information-packed episode listings, the cross-references... this is what a fan site should be. This is what I would have wanted to do with several other TV shows that stirred my inner geek (Miami Vice, Babylon 5, Firefly). This site already has me thinking about redoing my own Miami Vice website, and maybe even doing one for Angel (since the Buffyologist says he doesn't want to take that one on, and I'm a bigger fan of Angel than of Buffy, even though I love 'em both).

John definitely wins a Dragon Page golf clap for this site.   [Read more...]

Star Wars III fanfic?

I don't know if I should call this a parody or fanfic. Either way, it had me literally crying on the floor. Funny, funny stuff. Now I don't need to see The Lucas version!   [Read more...]

Sci-fi movies for 2005

Here is a great list of what to expect for movies being released in 2005. Now if you have been a faithful follower of our show, you should know about most of these, but in case you have not been paying attention, this story from The Leader Online will get you caught up.

"Steven Spielberg's tossing Tom Cruise to the Martians. Peter Jackson's handing Naomi Watts over to a 900-pound-plus gorilla. Tim Burton's turning Johnny Depp loose in Willy Wonka's candyland."

Ok class, now that you have your assignments, get to work. This many movies will require serious dedication.   [Read more...]

Evidence that I was damaged by being raised in Nebraska

Well, I said it on the show, "I have lost my mind." This story of a man in Nebraska is proof that I came by it honestly. Everyone in Nebraska is crazy, I just got caught in the cross-fire.

"OMAHA, Neb. - A Web-page designer who auctioned off the use of his forehead for advertising space is cashing in. Andrew Fischer, who put his forehead advertising space for sale on e-Bay, received $37,375 to advertise the snoring remedy, SnoreStop."

Now you all know. And this is why I am living in Phoenix, and working hard at a job that gets no pay. I'm from Nebraska = I'm insane! *hehehehehehehehehe*   [Read more...]

Combining sex and D&D

I nearly pissed myself reading The "How to Have Dungeons and Dragon Sex Guide". Seriously. I thought I was gonna have to change my shorts.   [Read more...]

Voice mail for The Dragon Page

Comments, rants, raves, reviews... if you've got something to say and want others to hear about it, leave us a voice mail!


Choice selections may make it to various podcasts. Enjoy!   [Read more...]

Battlestar Galactica blog

Dunno if Skiffy has done this before or not, but they're letting (or forcing?) Ron Moore to blog about the Battelstar Galactica series.

When you watch it tonight, you're gonna wonder one thing: Why 33 minutes?   [Read more...]

RSS rant

Note: If you aren't reading this post with an RSS reader, feel free to scroll down. It'll make no sense. And come out of the dark ages, will ya?

Attention all who make information from their website available via RSS, XML, Atom or any other "information on demand" push interface: subscribe to your own feeds! Why? So you can see if it looks worth a crap!   [Read more...]

The Business of The Dragon Page

This week marks one of only a few times during the year that we take a break from the routine of our little Sci-fi show, and I get a moment to contemplate our next move. The radio industry is a strange one at best, and I don't think that most people and/or fans of this show realize what is really involved with getting something like The Dragon Page going. (Producing the show, getting on radio stations, selling ads to make money, etc.) So I have decided that I am going to keep you informed of our efforts and share some of the things that happen during this difficult venture. Some of you may find this interesting; others may find it a waste of time, but this will be an honest account of the business such-as-it-is.

As you should already know, we are on a handful of AM & FM stations around the country, as well as some rather popular internet radio sites. Our main goal has been, and always will be, to gain more stations. But finding stations willing to take our show on ?Barter Terms' - which means that we don't have to pay for the airtime ? is difficult at best.

As the landscape of terrestrial radio (AM-FM) changes due to tighter FCC regulations and satellite radio, more and more terrestrial stations are starting to ?Broker' their weekend time. This means that if you have cash (about $300 to $500 per hr.) you to can have a show on the radio. Obviously, this is not feasible for a show like ours. If we had to pay for our airtime, we would be in the poorhouse in a matter of months, so the process for me becomes simply many long hours on the phone talking to program directors and station managers, doing my best to convince them that we have enough of a fan base to make it worth their while to put us on the air.

I figure that it has taken me about 1500 phone calls and well over 400 hours of work to get us on the stations that we have now. All this while trying to do the show and sell some of our ad time so that we can pay for some of the expenses involved with doing this thing each week. Not to mention trying to have a moment with the family and working on the side to make up the deficit so I can have a positive cash-flow each month. Evo has even more commitments than I, and also has to find time to do the show, keep up the website, and sell spots on the show. So understand that this show is very invasive to our lives ? lives that would be much easier, and less stressful if we didn't have to fill three hours of airtime each week.

Don't get me wrong, we love what we do. We have to. If we didn't, we would have killed each other by now. So as the show grows, and we strive to make this show better, stronger, bigger? I'll keep you apprised. Welcome to the world of syndicated radio. I hope you enjoy the ride.   [Read more...]

Interview wrap - Wil Wheaton

Mike and I just hung up the phone with Wil Wheaton. His interview won't air until the week of Jan 17th, but I had to take a minute to post my thoughts.

In case you missed it, I posted a review of his book Just a Geek a few weeks back. Damn fine book and I highly recommend it.   [Read more...]

PK Dick ponders reality

The boys over at Sensible Erection (site always NSFW) offered up a link to a 1978 essay by science fiction legend Philip K Dick. It's as deep as it is long, but if you are into puzzling over the nature of the universe, as Dick was, you'll want to take the time to read it all.   [Read more...]

Advice for authors

Author Will Shetterly has some advice and reflections for authors and other creative folks when facing the occasional cold hard truth about making ends meet while pursuing dreams and ambitions.   [Read more...]

Errol Flynn and Johnny Depp they ain't!

Swashbuckling ain't what it used to be.

Curious about Evo's news source, BoingBoing, I went surfing into this site and came across this article, posted yesterday...

"Pirates are the heroes of age-old adventure stories, but most of us forget that whole regions still depend on modern pirates. The coast around Malacca in Malaysia is such a spot, together with the Bay of Thailand and the Southern Chinese Sea. In South America the coast of Northern Brazil is another centre of pirate activity. On average every other day sees an attack, and whenever pirates strike they leave good manners at home. Typically all people on board of a ship are killed, unless they manage to escape with a rescue boat. Most pirates know in advance if the ship and its cargo is worth an attack, because they use state of the art equipment to monitor Inmarsat communications and even fax transmissions listing every single cargo item. Quite a substantial portion of Inmarsat reception units that are being sold in Germany or the United States are channelled to those regions where they are of invaluable service to modern age pirates. French journalist Eric Paquier managed to interview one pirate recently and when asked what pirates do with their victims he got the following response: 'We hang them upside down on one of the masts, then burn them alive and later eat their ears for dessert."

The article snippet on BoingBoing appears in its entirety here, but as I'm working on Legacy of Morevi and affectionately called "Pirate Boy" by "Crazy Herbal Hippie Boy", this just struck me as a downer.

While I don't write pirates as seen on romance novel cover (Something I learned in my research: any pirate wearing that much lace on a doublet showing that much chest hair isn't called "Captain". He's called "Bitch".), I do know that pirates (privateers, when sanctioned by royalty) didn't pull whacked out shit like they do in Malaysia. No, they weren't the nicest people on the block (Blackbeard was not a nice man!), but I've yet to find a crew that is setting sail on the pirate ship Jeffrey Dahmer.

So yeah, I write about pirates...and my research includes the evolution of the profession. To anyone traveling around the Indian and Pacific ocean. BE CAREFUL. I doubt if the pirates of today are as pleasant (or as pretty) as Orlando Bloom. (And I guess that's another reason why we call it Fantasy.)   [Read more...]


So I get to my e-mail this morning and I got replies to a couple of past posts I've made on the Dragon Page's board. I always think that's cool, y'know? That we're getting replies and thought from thes evarious postings that Evo...er, I mean, ALL OF US...make on this board.

Then I notice who the senders are. "Online Paymant Services" and "The Perfect Date"...yes, it appears that Spammers are now trying to target unsuspecting audiences through blog boards now. And I'm kind of over a barrel on this one because if I send it through the Junk filter in OS X's Mail, all e-mail from this board will be averted. Pretty damn sneaky...

So, I'd like to make a request of our hosts, Michael & Evo: FEED THESE ANNOYING DINKS TO THE DRAGON!!!

I don't like being teased like this. Rough way to start a morning!   [Read more...]

Tonight's vintage


I present Prosperity Red, from the central coast of exotic California. No reason to post this other than I'm enjoying a glass or six this evening, celebrating the fact that I've found one of my favorite cheap-ass wines once again. Thank you, Trader Joes, for carrying this selection again. And thanks Joe for the Magic-8 ball consultation on my choice for this evening.   [Read more...]

GalaxyCon 2: A Frelling Good Time!

Talking web design with Farscape's Gigi Edgely...ten minutes and fifteen seconds until the line formed for her autograph.   [Read more...]