GalaxyCon 2: A Frelling Good Time!

Media con. Two words that strike terror in the hearts of writers everywhere.

While all media cons are not created equal, there is a constant thread between them all: Authors Approach At Your Own Risk. It's not the fault of the con organizers (sometimes).   [Read more...]

We won the costume contest

While Mike was busy schmoozing folks at the big Tor party at the World Fantasy convention, I had a prior committment: a Halloween party. Hey, a guy's gotta have his priorities, right?

The party was actually pretty good. And I'm a tough friggin' critic of Halloween parties, having some pretty friggin' fantastic ones in my past. It's the only holiday we celebrate in our house so we go all out.   [Read more...]

Podcasting for dummies

A few days ago I posted an easy to understand overview of podcasting. Well, now I've got folks saying "OK Einstein. Now how do I do it?".   [Read more...]

Can I get a FREL, YEAH!!!

It was an incredible gamble for Henson, Hallmark, and those involved...a mini-series for a show that "no one watched".

The series had been off the air for well over a year.

Would old Scapers remain loyal and return to the SciFi Channel, perhaps bringing new fans with them?

The Answer: Frel Yeah, Sparky!   [Read more...]

Farscape review/rant posted

Half review, half "that damned SKIFFY channel" rant... but 100% Tee Morris.   [Read more...]

Podcasting now available

Podcasting is an awfully cool thing. And if you listen to the pundits, it's gonna change the way you listen to radio. Well, we'll see.   [Read more...]

Our new logo

You may recall this post about CopperCon 24. Mark Greenwalt, bodypainter from Future Class X, performed another live-model body painting session. You can see the finished product on the left, and Mark's comments here:   [Read more...]

The Evil Overlord List

The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord by Peter Anspach, is a must read for anyone who wants to take over the world, white mouse or not.   [Read more...]

SF Book Reviews

Sure, we've got our own science fiction book reviews online, but there's another place you might want to check out.   [Read more...]

Inspriation strikes in strange places

The Last Starfighter, a world premiere science fiction musical inspired by the 1984 screenplay of the motion picture of the same name, will open the 2004-05 season of Off Broadway's Storm Theatre, Oct. 15-30.   [Read more...]

The Green and the Gray

Tim has perfectly blended traditional fantasy and modern day thrillers in this tale of inter-species genocide, with Manhattan in the middle.   [Read more...]

CopperCon 24 begins

CopperCon 24 starts at 2:30 this afternoon. I'll be blogging what's happening as it... happens. Look for this nifty blog button at on the posts:

  [Read more...]

The Two Princesses of Bamarre

The Two Princesses of Bamarre, by Gail Carson Levine. I don't often get to recommend children's books. Written by the author of the Newberry Honor-winning Ella Enchanted, a coward finds her courage when her sister needs her most.


Horizons, by Peter W. Prellwitz is a great hard sci-fi title. One of the best new authors working in this challenging sub-genre of science fiction. (Also available in paperback, if you don't have an ebook reader...)

Tall Man in the Hat

Tall Man in the Hat, by William Koonce was the first ebook that knocked my socks off. It's christian fiction, which makes it all the stranger that I liked it!

How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy

Robert J. Sawyer recommended it on his site, so I read it. Now I'm recommending it here.   [Read more...]