Alan Dean Foster signing

Alan Dean Foster stopped by the booth to put his John Hancock on his latest book, Lost and Found. The plan is to kidnap him tomorrow and drag him back to the studio, as he's got two other books coming out this year!

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Live video from CuCon

Now why didn't I think of this before? If you've got AIM, I'm herbalevo, and I'll have my iChat video running as much as I can while I'm here. Jump on over and say howdy!

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Farscape miniseries rumors

Lee Whiteside runs, a site that carries the latest SFF tv schedules. Networks are notorious for swapping around shows, making hard to keep track of where you can find that show you're looking for.

He told us a few "rumors" about the upcoming Farscape miniseries on Skiffy. While many of us hard core skeptics wouldn't be surprised if Skiffy canceled the miniseries before it even got started. But Lee says that Skiffy doesn't have a bunch of money tied up in this. Seems that the Henson crew got some European backers to front the cash, with little or no control given to the folks at Skiffy. In effect, they are simply bying a pre-produced mini-series.

We'll see. Doubtful when it's cheaper to put together StarGate version 3.0. And hey, I like Stargate...

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Michael Stackpole reading

A Secret Atlas is a new book coming out from Michael Stackpole (that explaines why he was listening to Michelle!) I so enjoy catching glimpses of good SFF before others get a chance to read it. Maybe it's why I keep this crappy job.

This book is all about "9", nine being the symbolism which permeates all aspects of life in this fantasy world. Mike is a true master of "epic" tales, having contributed to the Star Wars universe, as well as grandiose tales of his own. From what I'm hearing, A Secret Atlas and the planned two follow-up books will continue in this vein. Heck, it's interesting enough that even an anti-fantasy fan like myself am looking forward to it!

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Michelle M. Welch reading

Michelle is giving a reading from her new book The Bright and the Dark. This is Michelle's second book, and from what I'm listening to, it's quite intriguing.

Michelle commands quite a presence as she reads. Excellent voice and inflection, and of course she knows the content well. There are four others in attendance, including Michael Stackpole. It must be quite unnerving to be a relatively new author and have such an accomplished author as Michael in attendance.

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There be dragons...

We're here. We're set up. Drop by and see us.

We're hosting the "Guest of Honor" dinner tonight. The GoHs this year are

After that, I've got a panel tomorrow on The Role of Fiction in Today's Society. Other than that... I'll just try my damnedest to blog as much as I can!

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Poetic justice

Yes, Virginia, there is a Karma fairy. Yahoo! News is reporting this story of karmic retribution where a man decided to kill seven puppies by shooting them. It didn't go as planned...

[The moron] was holding two puppies ? one in his arms and another in his left hand ? when the dog in his hand wiggled and put its paw on the trigger of the .38-caliber revolver. The gun then discharged, the sheriff's report said.

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Picture says a thousand words

From the BBC News:

A two-legged dog that has learned to walk like a human could be considered for a role in the next Harry Potter film, according to reports.

Faith's owners in Oklahoma City in the US believe the part could involve her appearing as the result of a spell.

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Stan Lee trying again

As reported on, Stan Lee and Hugh Hefner not calling it good with Striperella:

MTV has ordered an animated pilot for "Hef's Superbunnies," a collaboration between cartooon veteran Lee's newly launched Pow! Entertainment and Playboy's Alta Loma Entertainment division. Hefner's name and likeness will be featured in the pilot, and he also might provide the voice of his cartoon alter ego.

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Well that didn't work

Genisis spacecraft fails to deply parachute upon re-entry.   [Read more...]

Six Degrees of Hellboy to Passion of the Christ

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2004 Hugo Winners!

And the 2004 Hugo award goes to:

  • NOVEL: Paladin of Souls by Lois McMaster Bujold
  • NOVELLA: The Cookie Monster by Vernor Vinge
  • NOVELETTE: Legions in Time by Michael Swanwick
  • SHORT STORY: A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman

In the event my partner is reading this, you now have more fodder for guests, oh lord of the schedule.

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Fantasy authors wanted

fantasy authors wantedGot an email from Daniel of Pitch Black Books. Seems they are looking for fantasy authors to contribute to an anthology:

We've issued a Call for Contributors for our forthcoming anthology, "Razor-edged Arcanum" scheduled for release in spring 2005. We pay up to 8 cents a word for original ficiton; full guidelines are available on site.

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John Shirley on Burning Man

John Shirley, (guest on this show in Nov 2003), is is blogging Burning Man. He's somewhat displeased with what he sees.   [Read more...]

Blogging Dragon*Con

Warren Ellis is blogging Dragon*Con, also going on right now. Reporting odd things, like:

Last night, David Carradine pulled a passable impression of someone so drunk that they could not talk. He's also got the sullen, dead-eyed "Yeah, I'm David Carradine, so the fuck what" look down pat. His buddy's there in the elevator saying, "Dave, you all right, man?", and Carradine is just gripping the hand rail, lurched over to one side and mute.

Klingons are not on Atkins. And neither are Stormtroopers.

There are an alarming amount of very thin young girls wearing elf ears.

Star Trek actors wander around, searching people's faces to see if they're
being recognised -- and then put on their Famous Face and strut by without

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Yahoo sez that Vinnie sez...

All signs point to:

Pulp Fiction, the Prequel? John Travolta, who played hit man Vincent Vega in director Quentin Tarantino's blood-drenched 1994 film, said Tarantino has been considering another episode of the drama.

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