Book Reviews

Review: "Under the Dome" by Stephen King

If you're not careful Stephen King's latest tome may hurt you. Weighing it at close to 1100 pages and almost four pounds, "Under the Dome" is a return to form for one of the best-selling authors of the past thirty years.   [Read more...]

Review: "Green" by Jay Lake

Jay Lake is best known for his steampunk series of novels, and yet by weird coincidence (for I am a steampunk myself), the first book of his that I’ve read is Green, which is a standalone fantasy. I cannot judge how this novel ranks against those others.

Green seems to me to be very much a blending of two books: Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Dart and Karen Miller’s Empress.   [Read more...]

Review: The Youngest Templar: Keeper of the Grail

The Youngest Templar: Keeper of the Grail is one of those books I picked off the shelf at random. I love books about knights and castles, and one about teens in that time period sounds cool to me. And wow, the first book I read this summer turned out to be one of the best all year!   [Read more...]

Guest Review: "Hell's Aquarium" by Steve Alten

OK a few weeks ago, there was a review of Steve Alten's Hell's Aquarium. I thought it wasn't a very good review, so I decided to send in my own, since I read Hell's Aquarium and liked it a lot.   [Read more...]

Review: "The Walls of the Universe" by Paul Melko

I really, really liked Paul Melko's "The Walls of the Universe." The problem is I wanted to love it. The first third of the novel unfolds at a breathless pace as we meet John Rayburn and his double from a parallel universe, John Prime. Prime has come to John's universe with a device that allows […]

Review: "WWW: Wake" by Robert J. Saywer

Good science fiction speculates on things that are theoretically possible given some of the conditions and advances of our current level of technology. In many cases, the advances may be years or decades away from becoming reality, but in the case of Robert J. Sawyer's new novel, "WWW: Wake," part of his speculated future has […]

Review: "The Strain" by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan

Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan originally conceived “The Strain” as a serialized television series for the Fox network. After Fox execs balked at the original vision, insisting the writers inject more humor into the storyline of a modern-day vampire apocolypse, del Toro and Hogan decided to take their toys and go home. Rather than create a movie version of this modern day retelling of “Dracula,” the two decided to go literary.   [Read more...]

Review: "Daemon" by Daniel Suarez

The story of how Suarez's novel went from a self-published story to a major book contract and potential movie deal is one that will give hope to every aspiring writer out there. Suarez got his book into the hands of a target audience and created a buzz for himself that it was impossible for a conventional publisher to ignore. But the thing is--if "Daemon" weren't a good book, no one would be talking about it. And "Daemon" is that good.   [Read more...]

Review: "Star Wars: Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor"

At long last, a "Star Wars" novel that remembers the "Star Wars" universe is supposed to be fun. Set after the events of "Return of the Jedi" and a couple of other books in the continuing series, "Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor" tells the story of Luke's first and only mission as a […]

Review: "Eon: Dragoneye Reborn"

A Slice of SciFi Book Review Slice of SciFi Rating: 5 out of 5 stars "A fascinating, complex and entertaining (novel) that will keep the pages turning" The success of the Harry Potter series with both children and adults has opened a lot of doors in the fantasy genre. Publishers have issued a plethora of […]

Review: "The Magicians and Mrs. Quent" by Galen Beckett

I began reading this book with a question of my own: would infusing magic into a novel of manners produce a book that I would enjoy reading? Because in all honesty, although I have read Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights, I didn’t enjoy either.   [Read more...]

Review: "The People of Sparks" by Jeanne Duprau

Hi, first I need to say that there are going be spoilers in my review. I can't help it, there just no way to talk about it and not spoil the first book for you. So if you have not read it yet, I'm just letting you know.   [Read more...]

Review: "Love in the Time of Fridges" by Tim Scott

When I reviewed Outrageous Fortune earlier in the year, I referred to it as absurd . . . in a good way. Absurdist science fiction. Because it wasn't laugh out loud comedy, it wasn't The Hitchhiker's Guide, but it sure wasn't taking itself too seriously either.   [Read more...]

Review: "Ysabel" by Guy Gavriel Kay

Ysabel is my first Guy Gavriel Kay book. He's one of those authors that I’ve always heard about. Maybe it's the memorable name, I don’t know. But he was always just kind of out there as one of those authors that I knew I was supposed to read and simply hadn't.

In case I was wondering, I guess, if he was worth the hype, Kay opens Ysabel with a 3-page prologue that was, simply, stunning.   [Read more...]

Review: "Empress" by Karen Miller

Hekat is touched by the god. She is not inventing this. She really does have her deity on her side, protecting her as she slaughters the people who get in her way. Everything she does is fated. But I cannot get beyond how completely cold and ruthless she is to everyone around her.   [Read more...]

Review: "Small Favor" by Jim Butcher

Small Favor is a great read and I think that the Dresden Files books are a great introduction to fantasy/sci-fi for someone who doesn’t normally read such genres. It’s a P.I. mystery with magic with strong characters, an over arching plots as well as smaller story arcs that finish up in single book... mostly.   [Read more...]