KFYI #47: X-Prize and beyond

Now that SpaceShipONE has captured the $10MM X Prize, it's a safe bet we'll be in space (us, not the govt.) sooner than you can imagine.

On tonight show, we're joined by two guests who will give us some insider information on the X-Prize, Scaled Composites and possibly a few other teams who were in the running.   [Read more...]

KFYI #46: The dumber side of sci-fi

Not to be confused with The Top 10 Things About Science Fiction That Pisses Us Off, this topic deals with the recurrent themes of stupidity which are recurrent among SF and Fantasy.

What goofy things do you notice SF and F characters get themselves into week after week, story after story?   [Read more...]

KFYI #45: The darker side of comics

On our last show, Mike read a story about Identity Crisis, a fast-selling comic book series from DC Comics. Now dark comics are nothing new, Marvel has been exploring the seedier side of super heroes for a while, and small presses like Beckett Comics are taking the idea of "graphic novel" to a whole new dark level.

Is this a trend we'll see in the future? Is it telling about our society when the last bastion of "truth, justice and the American way" which is DC comics switches over the the dark side?   [Read more...]

KFYI #44: Open Phone Lines

Lots of things happening right now in the world of sci-fi.   [Read more...]

KFYI #43: Mystery Guest

Mike and Evo will be attending CopperCon, another local Phoenix sci-fi convention, this weekend. While the con will be over before we broadcast, our plan is to kidnap one of the attendees and bring him or her back to the studio with us. We'll see who it happens to be!   [Read more...]

KFYI #42: Immortality

Soon... very soon my children, The Dragon Page Live Fire will be a two hour long show... and we won't have to continue topics from one week to another...

What is the deal with our obsession with living longer, perhaps even forever? From frozen heads in Scottsdale to the fountain of youth in Florida, we'll cover the subject and see what science fiction has to offer.   [Read more...]

KFYI #41: Can sci-fi save the world?

Science fiction promises many wonderful and fantastic things for our future. That's a good thing, as we seem to be facing some nasty issues, like world hunger, global chaos and climatic change. Does science fiction offer us any solutions to these problems as we move foward in the world?   [Read more...]

KFYI #40: Alien like me

Sci-fi movies inevitably deal with alien species, be they friendly or hostile, advanced or primative. But are they an accurate depiction of what we might actually see on that fateful day when we do make "first contact"?   [Read more...]

KFYI #39: Faster than Light Travel

Are we forever limited by the laws of physics which state an object cannot travel faster than the speed of light? FTL transportation is not only a mainstay of science fiction, it's also our only saving grace to have humanity continue forward.

Will we ever acheive the goal? Or are we stuck here, puttering about the solar system at slow speeds, forcing us to consider suspended animation for inter-stellar journeys?   [Read more...]

KFYI #38: The nature of intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the promise of tomorrow's technology. But is it really what we want? Is it possible to achieve this goal at all, and if not, are we ready for the results?   [Read more...]

KFYI #37: Got any suggestions?

This week, the onus is on you to come up with an interesting and fascinating topic of our discussion. You name it, we'll chat about it. All you gotta do is send Evo your suggestions and we'll pick the winner. Who knows? You might win an all-expense paid trip around the world. Or we might just mention you on the air. Whichever.   [Read more...]

KFYI #36: Stormtroopers in the studio!

It's a scary thing when you bring Stormtroopers in the studio... but that's just what we're going to do on this show!   [Read more...]

KFYI #35: Open Lines!

Whatcha wanna talk about? We'll be covering I Robot and Spidey II, along with whatever topics all y'all come up with!   [Read more...]

KFYI #34: Guest Host Michael Stackpole

What will the Mike's be talking about? Anything that floats there way, most likely. They've both just come back from WesterCon 57, so that's sure to be a dominating topic!   [Read more...]

KFYI #33: Live from WesterCon 57

We'll be broadcasting our show LIVE from the largest regional science fiction and fantasy convention in the Southwest: WESTERCON 57! We'll cover all the excitement live from the show and hope to see many of you there.   [Read more...]

KFYI #32: Civilians in space?

Now that Spaceship One has blazed the way for the privatization of space, where does that leave us? We're speculators... so let's speculate! What might happen if we have routine runs in space? Does anything change? Or every thing...   [Read more...]