KFYI #30: Super Villains

Why is it the hero gets all the attention? Writers and creaters of sci-fi have so much fun with the Super Villains, yet they fade away under the obscurity of the hero or heroine. Maybe it's because they almost always die?

On this show, we'll cover the paradigm of the bad guy in science fiction. Joy!   [Read more...]

KFYI #31: Children's SFF

Science fiction and fantasy is a lot like heroin: get the kids hooked on it now and their junkies for life!

Who can argue the success of Harry Potter, or Terry Pratchett's Discworld series? Many contemporary authors are releasing young adult books, and kids are gobbling them up at a frenzied pace.   [Read more...]

#29 - The end of the world as we know it

Ever notice how prevalent doomsday themes seem to be in science fiction? It's no different with the latest extinction level event movie, The Day After Tomorrow. We'll talk about the move and examine why we keep coming back to this theme over and over again.

Plus, we'll continue our giveaways and review segments be sure to listen this Sunday, and don't forget, you can stream the show!   [Read more...]

#28 - The battle of old versus new

Let's face it; science fiction movies and television have come along way from the origins of the genere. However, have they gotten any better? That's the subject Mike and Evo will wrestle with (don't worry, it's radio) on the next show. Mike is supporting new sci-fi, Evo defends the classics. We set an arbitrary "line of demarcation" at the release of 2001: A Space Oddessy. Before that is old, after that is new.

The gloves are off...   [Read more...]

#27 - Hard or Soft?

How do your like your science fiction? Hard or Soft? Some of us hard core science geeks (Evo) prefer their sci-fi to be set with cold hard facts. When every alien looks like a human who got into the finger paints, we start to cringe. Others prefer the softer side of sci-fi, with engaging stories and plots with a dash of techno-future thrown in more for seasoning than the main course.

Is one better than the other? Call in and let us know where you fall...   [Read more...]

#27 - Vampires

The new Van Helsing movie opens this weekend. What's the deal with our fascination of this mythical creature? Is it more than myth or legend, somehow deeply etched into our collective psyche as a species?

We'll cover how science fiction and fantasy books and movies have handled this evil creature, sometimes in some creative and quite funny ways.   [Read more...]

#26 - New Trek Movie?

Rumor has it a new Star Trek movie is underway. No information has been released other than it will be a prequel. Now you would think that after the flop that was Nemisis, they'd give up on taking this to the big screen any more. I mean, it's pretty much been all down hill after Wrath of Kahn, now hasn't it?

Since they aren't giving up any details, let's speculate! What do you think it will be about? What were they thinking? How many more of these can there be? This makes number 11 in case you're counting...   [Read more...]

#25 - Nebula Awards

The Nebula Awards (think of them as the Oscars of sci-fi literature) were recently announced. Mike and Evo never heard of the titles. What gives? Are your hosts not the huge science fiction geeks you thought them to be, or is sci-fi literature not quite as mainstream as it should be?   [Read more...]

#24 - Comics to Film: good idea or bad?

Punisher, the anti-hero from Marvel, is the latest comic book (graphic novel, sorry) to hit the big screen. Hellboy opened a few weeks ago, and Spidey Two is slated for the near future.

Do these always translate well? Think about Superman and Batman... then think about Judge Dread and Daredevil. Turn your thoughts back to X-Men... then ponder The Mystery Men.

Some of these pulled it off well, others stank to high heaven. Let's talk about good comics gone bad in the movies.

Links from the show

  [Read more...]

#23 - Sci Fi Television

Is it just me, or has the overall quality of science fiction telelvison declined in the last few years? True, we've now got an entire network dedicated to sci-fi programs, but quantity does not necessarily relate to quality. We'll talk about some of the great shows of the past, as well as those of today. Join in on the conversation!   [Read more...]

#22 - Live from the Tempe Music Festival

Drop by the Tempe Music Festival this Saturday night and catch Michael and Evo broadcasting live from the event!   [Read more...]

#21 - The Undead

Zombies... Vampires... Ghouls.... What's with this fascination with creatures from beyond the grave? Supernatural tales might be considered horror to some, but to us, they fall right in line with fantasy and even science fiction. Dawn of the Dead just knocked The Passion out of first place (I'll let the irony grow on you), so we thought it would be a great time to explore our obsession with these ghastly beasts!   [Read more...]

KFYI #20: Comics and Superheros

Comics (sorry, graphic novels) are a sub-genera of science fiction often overlooked by the mainstream. Too bad really, as there is some great stuff out there. If you haven't cracked the cover of a comic in years, or even if you're a regular reader, you'll want to tune in this Saturday night as we rip the covers off some of the newest comics on the streets.

Confirmed guests so far:

  [Read more...]

#19 - Dungeons & Dragons

But we're not just gonna talk about the greatest fantasy RPG of all time, we're going to have one of the creators joining us! Dave Arneson, co-creator of D&D will be talking to us about his long career with the game.

So dust off those character sheets and add a fresh coat of paint to your miniatures, as it's a fun-filled hour of D&D!

Links from the show:

#18 - Ray Bradbury

Now if this keeps happening, we're going to get big heads. This week we offer up an interview with another of the pioneering legends of science fiction, Mr. Ray Bradbury. The Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man... Ray is the master of the short story, and it is a complete thrill and honor to have him on the show.   [Read more...]

#17 - Time Travel

Evo saw The Butterfly Effect this weekend, after hearing how much it didn't suck. Surprisingly enough... it didn't suck. It did, however, inspire this Saturday's science fiction topic on KFYI -- Time Travel!

Get ready to call in with your questions and comments, as we dig into the best sci-fi has to offer on the topic, and the pitfalls which go along with changing the past-- or your future!   [Read more...]