On-Screen Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Since many of you called last week wanting to know about the movies, TV shows and other media related sci-fi happenings for the rest of the year, we thought we'd take two hours to tell you about it. No guests, so we're flying by the seat of our pants.

Also: Evo lists the Top 10 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Shows That Never Should Have Been Made.   [Read more...]

Sci-Fi Becoming Sci-Fact?

This time, we're headed for a two-hour slot on News/Talk 550 KFYI. We'll have Robert J. Sawyer, winner of both the Nebula and Hugo awards, on the show with us. Rob writes "hard science fiction", where the ideas and technologies presented just might be real. Join us for a conversation about the marvels of technology that were once only in the minds of sci-fi writers.   [Read more...]

Labor Day Last Minute!

Three days to prepare for a three-hour live show? Sure!
KFYI called up. Seems their Monday night guy is taking a little vacation and would like us to jump in and cover for him.

So we scramble like mad men and get Orsen Scott Card to speak with us for a while. He was great, we were nervous as hell (not having the safety net of being prerecorded) but it all worked out well!   [Read more...]