Hull Zero Three

by Greg Bear

Bones of Empire

by William C. Dietz In a far-distant future, the Uman Empire has conquered and colonized worlds. Once thought invincible, its reign is now fragile as alien subjects and enemies conspire against it. Jack Cato is a cop -- bioengineered to see through the guises of the vicious shape-shifting aliens known as the Sagathies. Once a […]

The Truth of Valor

A Confederation Novel by Tanya Huff Former Marine Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr is attempting to build a new life with salvage operator Craig Ryder on his ship, the Promise. Turns out civilian life is a lot rougher than she'd imagined-salvage operators are losing both cargo and lives to pirates. And when they attack the Promise, […]

Review: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty by Raymond Benson

Let me begin by saying that I wanted to love this book. I love the game, I love the characters, I love reading; it seemed a natural fit. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. What I ended up reading was an “okay” version of a story that I know could have been much better.   [Read more...]

Starship: Flagship

Starship, Book 5 by Mike Resnick

Review: "The Ghost Brigades" by John Scalzi

Ghost Brigades is a pageturner with surprising emotional rewards, but I'm hoping that Scalzi plans to write more books in this universe, because as it is there are too many ideas here for his own good.   [Read more...]