Cover to Cover #30: Banned Books Week

Celebrate Banned Books Week ? September 21-28, 2002
"Let Freedom Read!"
The majority of this weeks show is dedicated to the banned books week celebration.

Some of the books listed on the 10 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 2001 might surprise you, for more than just their content. You won't believe how long some of these books have been in print, yet they continue to make the list year after year!

Of special interest to Dragon Page listeners, we picked out several sci-fi/fantasy books that come from a list maintained by The Forbidden Library. Some classics, some new? all worthy of any library. Take a look.

Also, some commentary on a recent Board of Education meeting in Cromwell, Connecticut that was "crashed" by some would-be book burners. My favorite quote: "Cromwell may be a small town, but let's not be small-minded." OK. Whatever.

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