Cover to Cover #48: One Year Anniversary

It's our one year anniversary!
Join Michael and Evo as they recap the year. A nice little "time warp" with the highlights (and the lowlights!) of the last 365 days, catching up with past guests and reliving a few moments.

Here's the guests we caught back up with to see what's been happening in their lives since we last spoke with them:

  • Tracy Hickman
  • Danielle Ackley-McPhail
  • Jonathan Fesmire
  • Michael Moorcock
  • Robert J. Sawyer
  • Greg Burke
  • Dave Reinberg
  • Mitzi Kleidon
  • Victoria Strauss
  • Tee Morris... and more Tee Morris... and a little more Tee Morris!

We also rebroadcast some of the old "commercials" (tongue placed firmly in cheek) we've played over the year, such as:

  • Madison, Atkins and Donovan (MAD) Genetic Scientists Institute - a division of Garrison, Olaf and Dominion (GOD) Complex.
  • Pizza in a Can
  • and of course... Dare Wear!

The News
Curious why we talk about what we talk about during this segment? Tune in to hear why Evo comes up with all that odd stuff... Also covered are the topics:

  • N. Korea upset with Americans over James Bond movies. (isn't he British?)
  • Virginia man beats his dog with a shotgun... and guess what happens?
  • I don't think you can get to Middle Earth from here, but Yahoo! travel morons are trying!
  • The Cube sequel coming out straight to video.
  • X-Men declared non-human by a judge


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